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Content Marketing Strategies for Web Hosting Companies

Kate Proykova

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Our newest e-book “Content Marketing Strategies for Web Hosting Companies” is dedicated to one of the most competitive industries on the web, the kind of place where it’s very hard to make a difference for clients. There are thousands (if not millions) of hosting companies fighting for survival. But despite the difficulties, there are still some great reasons to get into the hosting business:

  • The entry barrier is very low – you can start a hosting business by just having a site and a single server.
  • The market is still growing and isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon (it’s not like the internet is going to start shrinking).

Looking at the market it’s clear that there are a lot of entrepreneurs who are considering entering this market, and a similar number of people who’ve already built a hosting company but are not seeing great results yet. This book is dedicated to them. Because in order to have a winning hosting brand you need to build a solid strategy for how to approach this competitive market.

This book is the result of my 7+ years of experience in the hosting business (special thanks to who gave me the chance to learn so much about online marketing, SEO, and get deeper into the tech stuff) and another 2+ years of experience in Hop Online where Content Marketing is the core service.

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