Top 8 Graphic Design Trends in 2022

Magdalena Andreeva

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2021 has been a year no one could have predicted. All things remote and virtual paved their way into our lives by leaps and bounds. Many creatives found themselves up against new walls and had to adapt or falter to the realities of the times.

The need for digital transformation grew at a dazzling speed, and creative solutions quickly found their way into the business space.

Emerging trends proved successful for many brands and continue to influence the trends to come in 2022.

So, as we pick ourselves up from the lingering pandemic, we’re bound to see more bold, experimental designs emerging, as well as styles from across the decades being given a second life.

Let’s walk through eight of the top trends in graphic design to help you stretch your creativity this year.

Trend #1: (Even More of) 3D Design

As people are moving to an age of augmented virtual reality, it’s no wonder that 3D design continues to be a top trend.

Compared to classic animation, realistic 3D shapes combined with movement are always impressive, so it’s safe to say that 3D is not going anywhereanytime soon.

3D graphics will become more diverse, and we’ll be seeing more of the added dimension in typography, web design, motion graphics, and everywhere else around us.



Trend #2: Monochromatic Design

One color, different shades — in other words, design is getting even simpler.

We are going to be facing plenty of companies using just a single color. This pleases the eye and gives the visual a modern vibe.

Monochromatic design certainly deserves to be one of the top trends for 2022 as it helps streamline your design and gives viewers a sense of unity and harmony.


Trend #3: Serif Typefaces

Serif Typefaces give us a flash of vintage tones, which can create some freshness through an old-fashioned font. Moreover, they are super easy to read as well. As Serif typefaces are all-time favorites, we’re likely to see more brands taking advantage of the elegance these fonts have to offer in many creative ways.

This trend is easy to adapt and we can bravely think that Serif Typefaces are going to be included in not a few content marketing strategies.

Trend #4: Blurred Backgrounds and Glass Morphism

The trend has ruled the world of Design since 2020 when it all started. Despite the fact that people have seen less of them during the last year, blurred backgrounds are back on the rise.

The blur effect and glass morphism techniques are particularly appealing as they enable creatives to add dimension to a design and emphasize what they want to highlight. It can vary in intensity and add a layer of surprise that blends seamlessly into the rest of the design.

Here’s a quick example:


Trend #5: Minimalism

Minimalism is a trend that has never stopped and is ramping up now.

This year, we’ll be pushing busy concepts to the side because let’s face it – when too many elements fight for attention, none of them is getting enough..

One thing’s for sure – having less information on the screen allows you to see more around, and seeing more around will be vital for first-time visits in VR or AR.

There is one more thing about this trend designers love – it is really suitable for social media posts and videos. For more creative inspiration, check out these 14 ways to use Instagram stories better than your competitors.


Trend #6: Simplified Logos

In continuation with the minimalist trend, we’re bound to notice more designers implementing simplified logos.

A good logo helps you create powerful brand recognition, from the visual identity of your brand, and communicate your core values, and we’ll be seeingmore companies redesigning their logos while also keeping their brand identity intact.

While this is by no means a new trend, minimalistic logos are becoming increasingly popular among brands of all sizes. Just think about Nike’s swoosh, Apple’s icon, or the iconic N from Netflix. All these are excellent examples of simple logos that are instantly recognizable, easy to understand, and, above all, timeless.

Check out these fresh and minimal logo designs:


Trend #7: Anti Design

‘The Hipster of Design’, or shortly described as ‘anti-design’, means that the design is not following the well-known principles of design.

‘Rebellion’ in design is a buzzing theme right now. Many designers are starting to look for new ways to defy the age-old rules of the game. Blending reality, Illustration, and even bizarreness in a creative piece are all well-accepted.

In other words, you can bravely say ‘rules are made to be broken’ and let the inner child in you color outside the lines.

The catch? You’ll still need a fair amount of skills to pull off anti-design and avoid ending up with frustrating designs that fail to convey your message.


Trend #8: Fun and Optimistic Designs

Playful, colorful, and even designs that can express a sense of humor are here and are going to stick around for a long time.

We’re excited for this one – it brings a sense of happiness and joy to the web. Effectively, this trend is striving to make users feel less worried about the ever-changing world around them and more cheerful about what they interact with on a daily basis.

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At the end of the day, design is a means rather than an end. It is a visual language that, when executed well, enables you to create something worthwhile and effectively communicate the value of your product.

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