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How to Work With Sales for a Killer Content Strategy

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Nearly all SaaS companies use content to generate new leads. While you already know that creating the content your audience actually craves is key, have you considered how your sales team can benefit your content marketing strategy?

Although collaboration between content and sales teams doesn’t come up in conversations very often, it can help many businesses improve results on a larger scale. Because your sales team is in direct contact with leads, they can provide priceless first-hand information, such as prospects’ interests, needs, and pain points.

Keep reading to find out how restructuring the content and sales teams can help you strengthen your content marketing strategy.

Brainstorm Ideas for the Buyer’s Journey With the Sales Team

Your sales team is one of the most important departments. By combining the skills of sales and marketing, you can come up with content ideas for closing the gap between trigger and purchase in the buyer’s journey.

In order to win people as customers, it’s absolutely crucial to understand what influences their decisions, and this is where your sales team comes into play. Your sales experts can provide valuable insights on what your audience struggles with, as well as give feedback on how your content is consumed.

When looking for fresh content ideas, ask sales what common questions come up during their calls and what are leads saying about competitors that offer the same product/service.

Those insights could be transformed into content in a heartbeat.

Work With Sales to Create Accurate Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are crucial for creating relevant content around what your audience actively seeks. As your sales team is at the forefront of client interaction, they are arguably the best starting point for creating buyer personas.

Ideally, your personas should help your team address its unique marketing opportunities and challenges. Creating a persona is often a customized process, but the end goal is to help identify the persona’s information needs and triggers.

As salespeople often hear the problems prospects have with your product or service, they can help the marketing team better establish your personas’ pain points.

Support the Sales Process

Content marketing shouldn’t stop with your marketing team. While traditionally associated with inbound marketing, relevant content can make an impact on your sales team, too.

The right type of content can help the sales team close more leads faster. Marketing teams are already creating different bottom-of-the-funnel content. Product videos, case studies, ROI reports, and customer success stories are especially useful as part of the sales enablement strategy.

Combining Content From Sales and Marketing

A close collaboration between sales and marketing departments is important for identifying potential issues and prioritizing your content strategy. Getting both teams together presents the perfect opportunity to brainstorm content ideas, analyze content performance, and make sure you are targeting the right audience.

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