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Link Building Outreach – Start Doing It Efficiently

Magdalena Andreeva

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If you have a link-building strategy and the right prospects, it’s time to send some emails. Keep reading to discover how to save time and make the process more efficient.

Create a Separate Email for Link Building

Maintaining a separate email for link building and digital PR is a great way to stay organized. Once you start negotiating with prospects or sending follow-ups, you’ll be thankful you’re using a separate email.

Create Email Templates

Having email templates handy is a major time-saving step before proceeding with the outreaching process. If you’re starting with a hundred prospects, writing individual emails can be overwhelming – and incredibly inefficient.

Of course, you’ll probably need different templates for different types of prospects. It’s also important to add a personal touch to each email to increase your success rate.

Include the Prospect’s Domain Name in Your Subject Line

This is a great trick that will help you navigate your email box (or the emails you’ve sent) easily! It will also increase your email open rate, as people seeing their domain name in the subject line makes them curious about what you have to say.

Revise and Update Your Email Templates

At times, you might feel like all your efforts have been in vain – you’re outreaching and following up, yet you don’t see results. Perhaps it’s time to shake up your current email templates and test new copy.

Track Everything in a Spreadsheet

You don’t want important information to get lost in your inbox. Wherever you keep your qualified prospects listed, track every step of the process between the “initial outreach email sent” to the “link published” stage. You’ll be more able to stay on top of all your follow-ups, additional questions, specific requests, and more.

Another bonus about keeping your process well-documented is that you can gather data such as open rate, success rate, or average time per link won. This can help you improve your link-building strategy or simply determine an email template winner (if you’re doing A/B testing).

Download our free link building spreadsheet template!

In this template, you’ll find columns for your URL source targets (e.g. the website pages you want to build links for), page targets for backlinks, and your anchor text goals. You won’t need to worry about staying on track with your link building strategy again!

Consider Using a Link-Building Platform

BuzzStream is a paid link-building platform that you’re going to love! When we started to use it at Hop Online, we were amazed at how much time it saved us. The software is specifically designed for link building and influencer marketing, so they’ve got every feature you need.

Outreaching Process Using BuzzStream

BuzzStream can also improve your outreaching workflow significantly. It allows you to store your prospects in their software, along with contact information, domain authority data, and even blog activity.

Customizing Your Emails is Easier

The platform allows you to build your email templates directly within the software by using custom fields. For example, your subject line can be “Question about [website name]” and BuzzStream will automatically fill in the website name for you.

Other custom fields are contact information (such as your prospects’ first or last name) or user information, like the BuzzStream user who’s sending the emails.

Say “Bye” to the Manual Follow-up Emails

You can not only create email templates but also “sequences”, meaning automatic follow-up emails:

Prospects’ Stages

You can manually change a prospect’s stage, but BuzzStream will do that automatically for you, too. For example, when someone replies to your email, their stage will be automatically changed to “Replied”.

You can also sort out your prospects list by stages.

Outreaching in Bulk

By using this feature, you’ll be able to send hundreds of emails with one click. Of course, you’ll need to ensure that all of your selected prospects are qualified and that BuzzStream has the information it needs (such as contact info and prospect’s names).

We believe that customized emails are what makes link building more successful. That’s what really matters!

Get the Most out of Your Link Building Campaigns

So, here it is in a nutshell – organize, personalize, and track progress and results to stay on top of the cumbersome link building outreach process. Happy outreaching!

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