Technical SEO Audit to Skyrocket Your SERP Performance

Pave the way for solid and continuous organic growth for your website with a Technical SEO Audit. It will give you an overview of all the technical issues that may be preventing your site from ranking well in search engines.

See how we bring SEO results

David White

Founding Partner

Our position quickly soared from a baseline with only our brand name to rankings for hundreds of new keywords

Charlotte O’Rourke

Senior UX/UI Designer

The SEO and content work that they have done for us has been invaluable to our business and goals

Kate Oyler

Assistant Director of Web Strategy and Operations

Extremely knowledgeable in SEO. Trust them to get to know your business and provide honest insights.

Enmanuel Tirado

SEO Director

Hop gets the job done in a comprehensive and extremely organized fashion. Hop helped with the execution of hundreds of SOPs for technical SEO across more than 50 clients.

Matthew Evans

Senior Software Engineer

They really listened and taught us a lot about on-page SEO. We saw great increases in our organic traffic.

The Technical SEO Audit will identify all of your site’s issues

Get to know exactly what technical SEO problems need fixing. Our technical audits will find, diagnose, and suggest detailed fixes for:

Indexation & Crawlability

Make sure a search engine can access your web page, crawl and add it to its index. If search engines can’t crawl your site, they can’t index your pages, and they can’t rank your pages in search results.

Page Speed/Loading

A technical SEO Audit can help you identify and fix any page speed issues, such as large image files or poorly optimized code. Improve how fast the content loads and bring users a positive experience with your website.

Site Structure & Internal Linking

The audit can help you identify and fix any internal linking issues, such as missing links or links that point to the wrong pages. Learn how to improve your site’s architecture so users can navigate it better.

Content & UX

A well-optimized website is easier for users to navigate and use, which can lead to higher engagement rates and more conversions. Follow our suggestions on UX to improve your SEO performance.

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Some tactics you’ll see us using

  • Robots.txt check
  • Sitemap health check
  • Internal linking check
  • Crawl budget
  • Canonical tags
  • Hreflang tags
  • Javascript check
  • Redirect loops
  • Orphan pages
  • Underscore URLs
  • Structured data errors
  • Missing schema markup
  • 404 errors
  • Insecure content
  • Core Web Vitals check
  • Missing meta titles
  • Duplicate titles
  • Duplicate page check, etc.

Frequently asked questions

  • When will I see the results?

    The results depend on the SEO issues we are trying to solve with the audit. The fastest way to see results is to work on the highest priority suggestions. By fixing those, your website’s performance will be quick to improve.

  • Do I need to give you access to my GSC and GA?

    Yes, we’d need access to both your GSC and GA4 for a comprehensive Technical Audit. The more information we have the better analysis and SEO suggestions we can create. For the Free Express SEO Audit, we don’t need access to your GSC and GA4 since will be only looking at the 20 most common SEO issues and are just looking at the tip of the iceberg.

  • Will I be able to fix page speed issues with this audit?

    You will see the major issues that prevent your pages from fast loading along with actionable advice on what to do to fix them. Most of the issues require developers’ help. Our team has experience in working together with our client’s dev teams to tackle these issues and solve them as quickly as possible.

  • Are you implementing improvements?

    We can work both with your dev team or onboard a partnering dev agency. Some of the improvements can be done by our team but the majority of technical issues require dev help.