How Mesh Doubled Lead Volume With Creative Iteration on LinkedIn

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Mesh is a performance management system that leverages data and artificial intelligence to help leaders create engaged, high-performing teams.

Our partnership with Mesh began in August 2021. At the time, the company was a well-performing business dominating the Indian market. 

We came on board to help them create effective campaigns for Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, improve SEO, and craft valuable content to, ultimately, expand into the US market.

By partnering with Hop Online, Mesh managed to enter a new market and double its lead volume by leveraging a creative retainer and testing out an array of creatives on LinkedIn. 

Expanding and Doubling Leads With a Creative Retainer

From the get-go, Hop Online and Mesh were working with a creative retainer. This gave our team the freedom to make decisions on the different types of campaigns and A/B tests, as well as produce the necessary ad creatives. In effect, this resulted in building strong brand presence across multiple paid channels and doubling conversions on branded campaigns on Google Search.  

The creative retainer helped Mesh:

  • Leverage faster creative execution (compared to producing landing pages/creatives in-house).
  • Sustain coherent messaging. Having one team create the message, the ad, and the landing page results in a more coherent, seamless flow for the audience.
  • Have coherent formats and efficiently test different variations. This is especially beneficial when running ads/tests across multiple platforms.
  • Maintain creative analysis and iteration. As the creative analysis is carried out on an ongoing basis, we are able to continuously learn from our findings and effectively determine where the creative messaging needs to go next. 
  • Be able to plan ahead. Planning the creatives and executing a full-blown strategy for months ahead is immensely valuable for avoiding a last-minute rush on approval or creation.  

Paired with the creative iteration, this enabled us to find out what works (and what doesn’t), identify seasonal trends, and scale the working campaigns.

On LinkedIn, we created a range of creatives, as well as 10 different landing pages. We further concentrated on testing three different strategies – incorporating real people in the visuals, screenshots from the client’s platform, and vector people/animations. 

Here are some of the LPs and creatives our team crafted:

Growing Today and Into the Future

Durig our collaboration, the creative retainer enabled us to create effective creatives, messages, and landing pages that we were able to run and test out on LinkedIn. 

In turn, the creative iteration that we utilized on the platform – together with branded campaigns and continuous testing of creatives – has doubled the lead volume from a qualified market and the projected revenue from these leads.

In the last month, we’ve also seen an uplift in open deal opportunities and sales-qualified leads resulting from the branded campaigns. Even more, the business can now target its campaigns more efficiently and with better, more coherent messaging tailored to its audience’s needs. 

Afterwards, Mesh has secured a funding of $11M to help the company continue on its path to growing and expanding within the US market.

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