’s Market Expansion With Creative Iteration on LinkedIn, an AI-driven performance management system, joined forces with our agency to expand from India into the U.S. market. This case study focuses on the pivotal role of creative testing and iteration in’s digital marketing strategy across Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Seed Funding is a performance management system that leverages data and artificial intelligence to help leaders create engaged, high-performing teams.

Our partnership with Mesh began in August 2021. At the time, the company was a well-performing business dominating the Indian market. 

We came on board to help them create effective campaigns for Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, improve SEO, and craft valuable content to, ultimately, expand from India into the US market.

By partnering with Hop Online, Mesh managed to enter a new market and double its lead volume by leveraging a creative retainer and testing out an array of creatives on LinkedIn.

Expanding and Doubling Leads With a Creative Retainer

Our approach was centered around a detailed process of creative testing and iteration, with the aim of crafting creatives and landing pages that would resonate with our target audience across Google Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn, while maintaining’s core brand values. From the get-go, Hop Online and Mesh were working with a creative retainer. In effect, this resulted in building a strong brand presence across multiple paid channels and doubling conversions on branded campaigns on Google Search.

The creative retainer helped Mesh:

  • Leverage faster creative execution (compared to producing landing pages/creatives in-house).
  • Sustain coherent messaging. Having one team create the message, the ad, and the landing page results in a more coherent, seamless flow for the audience.
  • Have coherent formats and efficiently test different variations. This is especially beneficial when running ads/tests across multiple platforms.
  • Maintain creative analysis and iteration. As the creative analysis is carried out on an ongoing basis, we are able to continuously learn from our findings and effectively determine where the creative messaging needs to go next. 
  • Be able to plan ahead. Planning and choosing the creatives and executing a full-blown strategy for months ahead is immensely valuable for avoiding a last-minute rush on approval or creation.

Our Tactics

Paired with creative iteration, the creative retainer enabled us to find out what works (and what doesn’t), identify seasonal trends, and scale the working campaigns. On LinkedIn, we created a range of creatives, as well as 10 different landing pages. We further concentrated on testing three different strategies – incorporating real people in the visuals, screenshots from the client’s platform, and vector people/animations.

Here is a summary of the key steps in our methodical approach:

  1. Creative Testing and Iteration:
  • Initial Creative Assessment: We evaluated’s existing creatives to set a performance baseline.
  • Audience and Market Research: We conducted in-depth research to understand the target audience’s preferences and behaviors in the US market.
  • Concept Development and Prototyping: We brainstormed creative concepts and developed them into actionable prototypes for digital campaigns.
  • A/B Testing: We implemented comparative tests across platforms to refine creative elements.
  • Data-Driven Refinement: We analyzed performance data to iteratively refine and refresh our creatives.
  • Scaling and Ongoing Optimization: We scaled successful creatives and continuously monitored their performance for optimal results.
  1. Platform-Specific Tactics: with creatives tailored to engage our audience, we also employed specific tactics on each platform. We experimented with several approaches, some of which did not yield the desired results but provided valuable learning experiences:
  • Google Ads: Successfully utilized competitor comparison landing pages and targeted tCPA bidding strategies. However, broader keyword targeting did not perform as expected, leading to a more focused keyword strategy.
  • Facebook and LinkedIn Ads: While video views for remarketing and lead magnets proved effective, initial attempts with broader audience targeting did not generate the desired level of engagement, prompting a shift to more defined audience segments.

Our Results

During our collaboration, the creative retainer enabled us to create effective creatives, messages, and landing pages that we were able to run and test out on LinkedIn.

In turn, the creative iteration that we utilized on the platform – together with branded campaigns and continuous testing of creatives – has doubled the lead volume from a qualified market and the projected revenue from these leads.

In the last month, we’ve also seen an uplift in open deal opportunities and sales-qualified leads resulting from the branded campaigns. Even more, the business can now target its campaigns more efficiently and with better, more coherent messaging tailored to its audience’s needs. 

Overall the results we have achieved are as follows:

  • Lead Generation: Successfully doubled the lead volume for
  • Market Penetration: Effectively established a strong presence in the US market.
  • Funding Success: secured $11M in funding post-campaign, demonstrating market confidence and growth potential to continue expanding within the US market.

This case study illustrates the critical role of creative testing and iteration in digital marketing, highlighting how a strategic, data-driven approach can effectively facilitate market expansion and business growth.

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