45% Conversion Rate lift for PLG SaaS 

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Challenge: Reverse a Downward Trend in Google Ads Performance

Taiwan-based Taroko, owner of several leading B2B and B2C Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) brands, realized that their in-house marketing team could no longer keep up with the digital advertising demands of their growing product portfolio.

They sought an agency partner with whom they could smoothly handoff Google Ads account management. Each account faced fierce competition from bigger companies with larger budgets. Taroko’s partner had to complement and fill gaps for their in-house team and more importantly, needed to reverse a recent negative performance trend of their largest brand, LegalTemplates.net.

Solution: Account Restructuring 

After assuming management of the Google Ads account, our team quickly spotted the highest optimization priority — ad group build-out.

Though the account had an enormous number of keywords spread across many campaigns, those campaigns contained far too few ad groups. The ad groups that were in place had lumped together long lists keywords with varying intent and directed them to generic ads.

Our team rolled up their sleeves, combed through hundreds of bloated ad groups and split them up into thousands of new, laser-targeted ad groups, each with ad copy that directly addressed the specific intent of the searcher.

Results: 45% increase in Conversion Rates, Plus Major Gains in Other KPIs

As a result of our optimization work, LegalTemplates.net saw an eventual 45% improvement in conversion rates, all while maintaining a stable cost per conversion that preserved profitability.

In addition, search impression share rose by approximately 40%, with the brand consistently achieving top search impression share (akin to market share in search ad auctions) among all other competitors. Quality of free trial subscribers also improved, as evidenced by a 48% improvement in churn rates.

The turnaround in account performance gave Taroko the confidence to increase ad spend with the assurance of a stable cost per conversion and return on ad spend (ROAS).

“We’ve seen 300% growth on our AdWords account… Hop has been super responsive from day one… They’re a technical team, and they can point you in the right direction.”

David Reynier
COO, Taroko