Lambdatest’s Success Story to 10x Conversions Through Strategic PPC

Our partnership with Lambdatest aimed to leverage optimized and cost-effective PPC campaigns. As a result, the transformation was remarkable, with results showcasing an increase in ad spend, a decrease in cost per conversion, and a 10x increase in conversions during the period from January to September 2021.

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Lambdatest’s Challenges and Goals

Lambdatest has two main products: one for manual testing and another for automated testing. They wanted to improve the number of people using their automated testing service but were facing challenges with costly customer acquisition and low conversion rates from free users to paid subscribers. We teamed up with Lambdatest to enhance their visibility and attract more users for both of their products through optimized and cost-effective PPC campaigns.

Our Strategic PPC Approach

Hop Online took over the account in March 2021. Throughout our partnership, we had these main campaigns:

  • Competitors campaigns: Shifting from a single global campaign to four targeted campaigns allowed for more effective daily PPC budget allocation across different markets. In the following months, we added new countries to each competitor campaign and converted all competitor campaigns to Target CPA (tCPA).
  • Brand campaigns: We launched brand campaigns in the UK, US, EU-Asia, and APAC markets. We managed to decrease ad spend while increasing the number of conversions and reducing the CPA, indicating a more optimized spend.
  • Automation campaigns (promoting Lambdatest’s selenium automation testing on cloud product in the US, APAC, UK, and EU markets): By methodically entering one market after another, we allowed the algorithm approximately six weeks to learn and optimize. This patience paid off with a spike in conversions and a decrease in CPA.
  • Remarketing campaigns: We had one mobile app campaign and another campaign for Lambdatest’s price page visitors. After a gradual start, these campaigns gained momentum in the final three weeks of April, showing an increase in conversions. Although the CPA for these campaigns was above the initial baseline, the conversions were coming from a broader mix of searches, not just branded ones. We stopped using broad-match keywords to improve efficiency.

Here is a summary of our overall tactics, divided into two stages:

Stage 1: Account Optimizations

Our initial focus was on enhancing the account’s efficiency:

  1. We conducted keyword mapping for landing pages (LPs) and experimented with negative keyword lists to filter out irrelevant traffic.
  1. By broadening the keyword list and refining and enriching the audience targeting, we improved the performance of remarketing campaigns. We added new relevant keywords, such as automated browser testing, browser testers, cross-browser testing, selenium testing, web service test automation, etc., which helped us increase Lambdatest’s conversions.
  1. We simplified the account structure to provide better manageability and clearer insight into performance metrics.
  1. We transitioned from a single global competitor campaign (targeting the whole world) to four distinct campaigns, each one tailored to specific markets for localized impact. And we added new countries to each competitor campaign.
  1. We tested broad match keywords, and where they did not yield results, we stopped them from the campaigns to prevent unnecessary spend.

Stage 2: Scaling Efforts

Following the optimization phase, we shifted our attention to expanding Lambdatest’s reach:

  1. We introduced a remarketing display campaign to complement and enhance the search campaigns’ visibility and reach. With display remarketing, we tested new audiences and new countries. And we launched a tCPA experiment for Remarketing to Lambdatest’s pricing page visitors.
  2. We launched a new campaign to target mobile app users. The Mobile App campaign was launched in August, bringing up the most conversions from all campaigns.
  3. We increased the ad spend strategically in markets that demonstrated high performance, maximizing ROI from the most promising regions.

Results: From Costly Acquisition to 10x Conversions

After the first 2 months of our work together and as a result of the optimizations we applied, we increased ad spend by 49%, more than doubled the number of conversions with a 139% growth, and reduced the cost per acquisition (CPA) by 37%.

By the end of the third quarter we scaled our PPC efforts, and the team focused on lowering the CPA and optimizing the campaigns by simplifying the account’s structure. This helped us gain a stable number of transactions throughout the month, mainly from the Competitors, Remarketing, and Automation Campaigns.

Overall, when comparing September to January 2021, Lambdatest, with the help of our PPC team, managed to increase the ad spend by 602%, lower the cost per conversion by 36%, and enhance their conversions by 1,009%.

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