Win the micro-moments

Be present for the 3% that’s in-market, 100% of the time.

David White

Founding Partner

Our position quickly soared from a baseline with only our brand name to rankings for hundreds of new keywords

Charlotte O’Rourke

Senior UX/UI Designer

The SEO and content work that they have done for us has been invaluable to our business and goals

Kate Oyler

Assistant Director of Web Strategy and Operations

Extremely knowledgeable in SEO. Trust them to get to know your business and provide honest insights.

Enmanuel Tirado

SEO Director

Hop gets the job done in a comprehensive and extremely organized fashion. Hop helped with the execution of hundreds of SOPs for technical SEO across more than 50 clients.

Matthew Evans

Senior Software Engineer

They really listened and taught us a lot about on-page SEO. We saw great increases in our organic traffic.

It’s your turn to Scale PPC-sourced revenue

Grow PPC-sourced revenue

Paid Search

3% of your TAM are in the market today. Reach them with relevant and conversion-oriented campaigns.


Show, don’t tell. YouTube is the second largest search engine and it can educate, warm up and unlock new audiences.

Display & Discovery

3% of your TAM in market today. Reach them with relevant and conversion-oriented campaigns.

Performance Max

Performance Max campaigns will find your audience and use relevant video, image and text content to convert them across Search, Display, or Youtube.

Solutions to your PPC problems

You made PPC work, but it won’t scale.

You have tried every trick in the Google Ads platform, but conversions just won’t scale. When you expand, the CPA goes up or the quality suffers. The pressure is on. It doesn’t have to be that way.

We Can Help You:

  • Expand into adjacent categories and move beyond competitor/integrations campaigns
  • Move into value-based bidding and paying the right amount for the right quality of leads
  • Getting a certified expert taking a look at your accounts and pinpointing areas for improvement (ideally us)

Your PPC CAC is more volatile than bitcoin.

Or it’s the CPA that bothers you. You don’t feel like scaling your monthly budget because unit economics doesn’t make sense. We Can Help You:

  • Consolidate your account so that you feed more data back to Google (micro-conversions)
  • Move into value-based bidding and paying the right amount for the right quality of leads
  • Getting a certified expert taking a look at your accounts and pinpointing areas for improvement (ideally us)

Say goodbye to tire kickers.

Around 70% of free-trial users won’t return after signing up for your product. Most leads are not qualified, wasting your sales team’s time. What if you could control and adjust your acquisition strategy according to the expected future value of a lead?

Show, don’t tell.

You want to test the video but don’t know where to start. What if you could learn how YouTube was impacting your performance.

Full revenue visibility on a campaign level

We report on revenue, not just conversions. Yes, we follow guiding metrics such as CPC, conversion rate, and impressions, but we live and breathe MRR.

Together, we build your dream dashboard. Imagine your CRM, PPC, and other marketing activities all in one place. One dashboard to share with your marketing and one for your executive team.

Free up your internal team and give them superhuman PPC capabilities.

Your team can focus on more strategic activities. We manage everything from ongoing keyword expansion to daily optimization. We can also do your creatives following your brand guidelines. Together we build the ultimate acquisition strategy and channel mix that will deliver the highest return on investment from your PPC spend.

No one size fits all but here is how first 12 week will look like

Go Slow to Go Fast

You need quick wins, and this is where we start. Our PPC team jumps into your account and starts optimizing and restructuring on day 1. While we improve the account structure, the disruption to your conversions is kept minimal. In the meantime, our content team starts researching/talking to your persona and customers to decide the tone, language, and content types they prefer seeing. We align on our goals for the next quarter and together build a custom Google Data Studio report that will allow you to have a bird-eye view of your PPC-sourced revenue (yes, we bring HubSpot, Salesforce, Stripe data back to our reporting). This leads us to month 2.



Building a Growth Plan Together

You already see improvements in numbers. Now, it’s time to get more strategic. We’ll share your quarterly growth plan, testing calendar, and assets needed to get you to your next milestone. Once we get your input, we start focusing on execution.



Scaling Through Rapid Experiments

At this stage, you’ll have PPC experts, your Client Success Manager, and Digital Strategist working on your account. You chat daily and meet with us for strategy sessions regularly to discuss how we’re progressing against your weekly and monthly acquisition targets. You can monitor our progress in real-time reports and your dedicated project management space – ClickUp/Asana.



See who else scaled MRR through PPC

Want to grow MRR through PPC?

Some tactics you’ll see us using

  • Offline conversion Imports
  • Value-based bidding
  • Performance Max
  • Ongoing A/B testing
  • Google, Bing & Baidu Ads
  • YouTube Expansion
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Landing pages for PPC
  • Campaign management
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • First-party data conversion models
  • International & Multilingual Campaigns
  • Real-time Performance Reporting
  • In-market audiences
  • Creative Testing
  • New Beta Releases
  • Negative Keyword Optimizations
  • Responsive Ads
  • Ad extensions

Frequently asked questions

  • Can someone hit the ceiling with PPC?

    Like with eating Oreos, there is a ceiling with PPC. BUT, 9 out of 10 accounts we audited, we see they can still expand. (And last year we audited around $50M annual spend accounts). We introduce new campaigns and follow what we call controlled expansion. In cliche marketing terms, we go up in the funnel but still focus on increasing # of quality conversions. We have one hand on the CPA and the other on the volume. You have full visibility on what we’re testing and experimenting and together we double down on what works. In short, you control the ad spend and we control the quality. As a result, the number of customers goes up and you see a spike in your branded search (yes, we also track assisted conversions).

  • How quickly can you hit the ground running?

    We can start right after our kick-off call. We share clear timelines on kick-off calls and align with you on what to prioritize. Depending on the maturity of your ad accounts, we tailor our expansion plans. On average, we’re live with campaigns in shorter than 10 days after the kick-off call.

  • When can expect to see the results?

    While every client is different, we start seeing our initial restructuring and optimizations kick in as soon as month 2 of our engagement. Results will continue to come in as soon as we’re aligned and executing against our testing calendar and growth plan.

  • How often do you update the accounts?

    Hourly, daily. A certified expert checks your account performance every day and makes adjustments as necessary. You’ll have full access to ClickUp/Asana where we map all experiments and campaign.

  • What channels do you cover as part of Paid Search?

    We cover the entire Google ecosystem (Search, Display, Youtube, App Campaigns, Display & Video 360), Bing, Amazon Ads, Apple Ads.

  • Can you run international campaigns & multi-language campaigns?

    We’ve helped many clients expand their products and offerings into new markets in local languages as well as in English. We have the most experience in the European market and European language support. We’ve managed 8 different languages across 15 countries for one client.

  • How do we communicate?

    We communicate via email and chat, and weekly or bi-weekly via live project check-ins that are led by the Client Success Managers and attended by all project team members.

  • How much do you charge?

    We charge on a percentage of ad spend so we grow when you succeed.

  • How long is your contract?

    We typically don’t work with long term contracts outside the initial onboarding period.

  • What’s your reporting like?

    It’s top notch, you’ll love it. You will have access to a real-time KPI dashboard built with Google Data Studio that charts all project KPIs, with high levels views for your C-level stakeholders all the way down to granular metrics for your marketing team.