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Success with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can be measured by one thing — return on ad spend (ROAS).  Our goal is always to deliver maximum ROAS to clients.

PPC Account Management

No matter the size of your Google Ads investment, we can help you manage your spending effectively and maximize your ROI.

We manage millions in advertising spend per year on Google Ads for our SaaS, subscription and technology clients. This broad perspective allows us to recognize macro trends and apply best practices across all client accounts. Our highly-experienced PPC team is always on top of new trends, innovations, and best practices within the Google Ads and Bing Ads platforms.

Search Ads Management

Search advertising puts your brand front and center whenever someone needs you. Successful search ad campaigns must do three things very well:

  1. Target keyword search terms precisely, eliminating searches with the wrong intent.
  2. Match keyword searches with contextual ads that are concise, compelling, and persuasive.
  3. Point searchers to landing pages that satisfy their intent and convince them to take a specific action.

Our experts conduct exhaustive keyword research, continually discovering new keyword phrases and bundling them into tightly-clustered ad groups. To increase conversions and click-through-rates, our copywriters and designers A/B test new ad copy and landing page changes on a constant basis.

Display Ads Management

Google’s Display Network (GDN) reaches over 90% of global internet users, covering more than 2 million sites. It’s a great channel to introduce your brand and generate new demand from large, qualified audiences.

Within an endless sea of websites and potential impressions, our team can locate your ideal audience and target them with visually-rich display ads. These will either introduce them to your brand or simply remind them of you (if they’ve visited your website recently).

Video Ads Management

No other media format can tell your brand story as powerfully as video. Video ads can get your brand in front of targeted audiences using the power of sight, sound, and motion, and they’re a great complement to display and search ads.

Our team can help create effective videos and get them viewed by people who will recall your brand in the future.

Mobile Ads Management

The majority of online searches happen on mobile devices. Ads appearing in mobile search results get outsized visibility and a better share of clicks (versus non-paid organic results) due to their prominence on smaller mobile screens.

Effective mobile ads must recognize the unique needs of users, from highlighting click-to-call phone numbers or driving directions. Forms should be shorter and easy to pre-fill with as little required typing as possible.

Many customers research on their mobile device, then later make a purchase on their desktop or laptop. In such “cross-device” scenarios, mobile ads can get people started on a path to purchase that might finish on another device later.

Our team fully understands the unique opportunities for building brand awareness and driving performance on mobile devices, and our mobile campaigns reflect that.

Shopping Ads Management

Google and Bing Shopping Ads provide online retailers with great opportunities to drive sales from comparison shoppers directly within the search results.

Shopping ads are dynamically constructed from lists of product ‘feeds’ that include images, titles, product descriptions, and prices. These ads appear above normal search ads and attract attention and clicks from searchers who already know the type of product they want to buy.

Active product feed segmentation, feed management and bidding strategies are the keys to maximizing ROI from Google Shopping. Our team has the know-how and experience to make Google and Bing Shopping profitable for any online retail business.

Remarketing Management

Remarketing – often referred to as “retargeting” – aims to bring recent visitors back into the customer journey where they last dropped out.

Our approach to remarketing starts with audience segmentation and management. People who exit or “bounce” from a landing page without making a single click usually respond best to brand-focused remarketing ads that trigger high-level brand recall.

Other prospects who venture deeper into the customer journey (and stop before converting) might require messaging that reminds them of the specific product or service they were considering. This usually means communicating a sweetened offer or incentive that encourages these prospects to complete the purchase or desired action.

Remarketing campaigns require unique messaging, ad creatives, and bidding strategies to be effective. Our team executes performance remarketing campaigns to get your brand timely exposure to prospects who have recently interacted with your brand.

PPC Audit

Nearly every Google Ads account has potential for improvement. Our PPC Audit benefits companies that are running Google Ads accounts and need objective reviews and fresh ideas for improvement.

Our Google Ads certified professionals analyze every aspect of your account to look for opportunities that improve efficiency and ROI, including:

  • Account structure
  • Campaign targeting settings
  • Conversion definition and tracking
  • Keywords and quality scores
  • Ad copy and ad extensions
  • Display and video ads and campaigns (if applicable)
  • Shopping campaigns (if applicable)
  • Bidding strategies and settings
  • Landing pages
  • Remarketing

We provide detailed reports that score your account in the 10 main areas above, with tips on how to improve in each.

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