EveryMundo: How to Do SEO for 50+ Airlines 

Doing SEO for 21M indexed pages from 50+ domains across 60+ country markets in competition with Google can be a breeze. You just need to build a water-tight process and put in the hours.

Content SEO
10x organic traffic within
6-12 months after launch
Enterprise SEO Awards

Challenge: Organic Traffic Growth & Conversions for Multiple Airlines

EveryMundo’s partnership with Hop started in 2017 with the goal to increase organic non-branded traffic and conversions for 50+ airlines. 

EveryMundo is a marketing automation software provider for the airline industry. Before working with Hop Online, they struggled to monitor the websites of their clients and they had big missed opportunities because of technical issues or flaws in interlinking. They needed to add skilled SEO experts and digital marketers to their team in order to help airlines improve their search engine traffic and visibility. Our partnership quickly developed – from working on specific SEO tasks to being a strategic partner. The main scope of our work was Every Mundo’s SEO-focused product called airTRFX® – a web platform for airlines. It gives them the opportunity to create a section of their website with SEO-optimized pages targeting a wide range of queries related to booking flights and increasing direct flight bookings.

Solution: Onboarding Flow, Technical, On-Page and Multilingual SEO Strategy

The travel sector is highly competitive in terms of SEO, with fierce competition from websites for price comparison (OTAs) and Google’s own service, Google Flights.

We were working on 50+ airline websites with 21M indexed pages and optimizing performance for 60+ country markets. Our focus was helping the airlines gain visibility for non-branded queries, especially keywords with high sales intent (for example, “cheap flights to Majorca”). 

This is how we did it:

Onboarding Process for Each New Airline

We created a streamlined process for onboarding airline clients based on industry-specific checklists.

We also developed an SEO monitoring & reporting system for in-house use that helped detect issues early & make adjustments. It allowed for ongoing SEO support and improvements for existing airline clients.

Technical SEO

  • Technical audits & implementation verification of the website of every new airline client.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the technical health of all website clients and proactive discovery of bugs/technical issues.

On-Page SEO & Interlinking

  • In-depth keyword research for the industry.
  • On-page optimization for every airline client.
  • Recommendations for internal linking and website structure.

Competitor Analysis & Monitoring

  • Analyzing the SEO strategies of top players in the niche (Skyscanner, Cheapflights, Kayak) and finding opportunities for how clients can replicate them.
  • Proactively monitoring changes in the SERPs and the trends in the industry.

SEO Strategy

  • Developing comprehensive 6-months or 12-month strategies, focusеd on profitable markets and growth goals.
  • Suggesting optimizations on platform level that would improve SEO performance.

Multilingual SEO

  • Developing multilingual strategies for fast growth in new country markets (Europe, Asia, the Americas).
  • Research and recommendations for search engines other than Google (Yandex, Baidu, Navar)

Results: 10x Organic Growth 6-12 mo After Launch

The smooth onboarding process and proactive SEO suggestions paid off. Our airline clients were achieving 10x growth in organic traffic after the launch of airTRFX and proper implementation of the SEO recommendations.

Airline clients with 10x growth in organic traffic after the launch

Airlines expanded the number of keywords they rank for after the launch of airTRFX. They managed to target more keyword combinations and gain visibility in new markets.

Clients with 10x growth in the number of non-branded keywords ranked 6-12 months after launch

We also achieved lightning-fast new client set-up time – it took only 6 weeks to onboard a new client on the platform, including initial SEO analysis, on-page SEO, technical audit & tracking set-up. The result of all this hard work – EveryMundo was among the top 5 finalists in Search Engine Land Awards for “Best Overall SEO Initiative – Enterprise” (2019).

“Hop has been an ideal SEO partner, providing deep, wide-range support. They know it all, they can get in the weeds, but also deliver on strategy. They’ve been a trusted partner since day one.”

Jordan Weitz
Director of Operations at EveryMundo