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At our core, we are a search marketing agency that obsesses with helping our clients appear at the top of Google search results. Search Engine Optimization is the practice of boosting and maintaining high organic visibility in Google and other search engines. When done well, it can transform a business.

Technical SEO Audit

Before charting a course for consistent organic traffic growth, our first goal is to strengthen your website’s technical infrastructure for crawling, indexation, and speed.

Google assigns ‘crawl budgets’ to websites, meaning that it spends limited time and resources crawling, discovering, and re-indexing pages before moving on. We replicate and analyze Google’s crawl to understand the full extent of discoverable pages on a domain. Then – through meta tags, directives, and sitemaps – we point Google’s crawler (‘Googlebot’) towards the most important pages in search results, away from those that are less important for rankings.

Google’s index contains all of the pages that are eligible for ranking in search results (this will likely be a fraction of your website’s total pages). We determine the appropriate number and types of pages that should be indexed and update sitemaps accordingly.

Speed kills, especially on mobile devices. Today’s users expect mobile web pages to respond like apps. Google can crawl a site more comprehensively when pages load faster, so improving your site’s speed is often a quick and easy way to improve SEO.

We’ll run critical performance tests to analyze what’s slowing down your pages’ loading times, and provide straightforward advice to fix it.

Content SEO Audit

Keywords help Google match a user’s search query to a page with the best answer. Even as Google becomes more intelligent in understanding the intent behind a user’s search query, keywords still matter.

Through exhaustive keyword research into your competitive industry, we determine what specific keyword phrases should be targeted on all of your site’s main pages.

Next, we ‘map’ these target keywords to their respective pages. We may determine that the creation of new pages is necessary, or that certain pages should be consolidated into fewer pages.

Lastly, our team utilizes these keywords in locations where Google looks for keyword ‘clues’ on the page (e.g. page titles, meta descriptions, headers, alt image tags). For Google to consider your pages worthy of a top ranking, our content team writes and edits page copy to ensure that it contains both the necessary topical depth and authority.

Backlink Audit

Links are the ‘equity’ of SEO. They signal authority and trust, and drive rankings in Google. But not all links are good. Some coming from dodgy domains that can destroy Google’s trust in your site. These can hurt your SEO and even lead to a penalty.

Google appreciates site owners who clean up their link profiles and keep them spam-free. Our team manually reviews all questionable domains that may be dragging down your site’s trust and performance. If we determine that a linking domain has low authority and little-to-no relevance to your business, we’ll disavow it.

Competitor Analysis

In a game of ranking, you don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be better than the page above you.

Competitors can often reveal the clearest path to success. We drill deep into competitors’ SEO strategies and uncover the keys to their success. From there, we replicate and improve upon their strategies.

Our team can conduct a mini SEO site audit into your top 3 search competitors, revealing their best and worst practices in areas like technical SEO, user experience, keywords, content, and link building.

Analytics Audit

Analytics is the source of truth in digital marketing. Analytics tell you what’s working and what’s not. Those insights help you optimize your efforts and lead you to new insights and ideas.

We first take steps to ensure that all reported data is accurate and 100% trustworthy. Next, we optimize conversion goal tracking, segment audiences, channels ad devices, and implement custom filters. Finally, we visualize the data into easy-to-digest reports. These provide better insights into your site’s users, content and campaigns.

In the end, you’ll get a better picture of where your marketing investments are paying off most.


Ongoing SEO

Good SEO never stops. We realize this and help companies maintain persistent SEO health and performance.


Ongoing SEO Monitoring

SEO doesn’t stop with the audit. Once the issues identified in our audit are fixed, we continue to keep regular tabs on the website’s overall SEO health. To ensure that your site remains in great SEO shape, each month we:

  • Find and fix new crawl errors as they appear
  • Monitor indexation levels as new content is added
  • Measure organic traffic to key landing pages
  • Track keyword rankings vs. your competitors

SEO Consulting

Sometimes what you need most is to discuss strategy with and ask questions of an SEO expert to make sure you and your team are on the right track. We’ll bring a fresh perspective to your SEO strategy and review your site from a unique and independent vantage point. We offer flexible SEO consulting packages with our top experts.

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