Creating Powerful Digital Content with Eric Brooker

Terez Tocheva

In this episode Paris sits down with Eric Brooker, a revered business leader, author, and podcast host. Eric shares his journey of building a successful personal brand through consistent engagement on LinkedIn, leveraging the platform for immense business growth, and establishing a top 1% globally ranked podcast, ‘Counsel Culture.’ The two share insights on creating and repurposing content, getting notable guests, and maximizing LinkedIn’s potential for personal and company branding. Eric also reveals strategies for overcoming initial discomfort in content creation.

Eric Brooker has earned respect as a keynote speaker, author, and podcast host. His career is distinguished by a track record of transformative leadership and substantial success across various organizations. Eric’s new book, “You Are Enough: Overcoming Lifelong Doubts of Worthiness,” reflects his journey through personal challenges and his path to understanding self-worth. This book is complemented by his popular podcast, “Counsel Culture,” which has aired over 150 episodes since 2020, discussing leadership and culture with notable figures from diverse fields.

Creating Powerful Digital Content: Key Insights

  • Maximizing Content Use: A single 40-minute podcast can be repurposed into multiple short-form videos, blog posts, and social media content, providing weeks to months of material.
  • Consistency Over Perfection: Regular posting of consistent content, even if not perfect, is crucial for maintaining brand visibility and engagement.
  • Effective LinkedIn Strategies:
    • Post authentic, engaging content daily.
    • Use tools like ChatGPT for content ideas.
    • Engage with others by liking and commenting on their posts.
  • Engagement and Relationships: Focus on building meaningful relationships through a mix of personal and professional content, avoiding excessive self-promotion.
  • Podcasting as a Tool: Start a podcast to network, establish thought leadership, and generate a wealth of repurposable content for various platforms.

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