The Hop Online Team

Hop Onliners are bright, dedicated professionals who understand your business’ needs. We are proof that globalization can come in small packages.

Consider the Hop Online team an extension of your own. Virtually as close as a colleague a few feet away. When you have a new idea, question, or piece of important information, fire away – we’ll be there.

  • team-photo-paris-childres-closeup

    Paris Childress

    CEO & Founder

    My job is to match talented, motivated marketers with high growth companies, arm teams for success, then to get out of the way.

  • team-photo-plamena-koleva-closeup

    Plamena Kostova

    Finance Manager

    I manage the finance and operations. My professional role is to take care of the financial health of the company.

  • team-photo-eduard-shlahtichman-closeup

    Eduard Shlahtichman

    Operations Director

    I help shape digital strategies, oversee the trajectory and client relationships, and help the team with anything they may need along the way.

  • team-photo-delcho-stanimirov-closeup

    Delcho Stanimirov

    Head of Paid Media

    I lead the PPC and Analytics teams. My professional goals are happy clients and colleagues and the continuos growth of Hop. Also I love numbers and charts!

  • team-photo-valeri-vaselinski-closeup

    Valeri Veselinski

    Social Media Marketing Team Lead

    Leading a team of social media marketing specialists. Utilising Facebook and LinkedIn advertising capabilities in the best possible way.

  • team-photo-ana-milanova-lindsey-closeup

    Ana Milanova-Lindsey

    Head of Content

    I lead the Content team and make sure the content you create is worth the effort. I help you grow and nourish your audience, and make users convert.

  • team-photo-magdalena-andreeva-closeup

    Magdalena Andreeva

    Lead Designer

    I design what people see on their screens.

  • team-photo-miglena-angelova-closeup

    Miglena Angelova

    Digital Marketing Strategist

    I create innovative paid advertising strategies. The golden mean between user needs and client goals is where I source my insipration for successful social ads.

  • team-photo-kristina-maglova-closeup

    Kristina Maglova

    Senior SEO Expert

    I can trace and find even the most hidden technical SEO issue for a website and I always know exactly how to address it.

  • team-photo-antoaneta-grigorova-closeup

    Antoaneta Grigorova

    Senior PPC Team Lead

    I use different online advertising platforms to help companies get their products & services in front of the right people at the right time and place.

  • team-photo-tsvetelina-mihaylova-closeup

    Tsvetelina Mihaylova

    Head of Client Services

    I am your digital marketing partner who is providing guidance and working with the internal team to achieve your strategic brand and business objectives.

  • team-photo-mia-redzhova-closeup

    Mia Redzhova

    Social Expert/ PPC Specialist

    I am an experienced digital marketing specialist and a committed partner to my clients, helping them grow their social presence and reach their goals.

  • team-photo-valeria-borisova-closeup

    Valeria Borisova

    Client Success Management Team Lead

    I am a strategic partner to my clients, guiding them through the digital marketing maze.

  • team-photo-viara-vasileva-closeup

    Viara Vasileva

    PPC Team Lead

    I help the companies to spend their Google Ads budget in a way that brings results. To achieve this I mix analytical thinking with a pinch of creativity.

  • team-photo-vesselina-levkova

    Vesselina Levkova

    Content Strategist / Copywriter

    I am a digital storyteller helping brands enhance their online presence through content marketing.

  • team-photo-yoana-antova-closeup

    Yoanna Antova

    Content Marketing Team Lead

    I help brands find their people by creating content strategies that Google loves.

  • team-photo-mariela-zaharieva-closeup

    Mariela Zaralieva

    Digital Analytics Specialist

    I take care of our clients’ digital analytics needs by making sure all valuable data is tracked, structured and transformed into meaningful insights.

  • team-photo-mila-popova-closeup

    Mila Popova

    Client Success Manager

    I am a strategic partner to my clients, I really like to delve into their industries and find the exact ways digital marketing will help them excel

  • Galya-P

    Galya Panova

    PPC Specialist

    I’m an organized and performance-oriented digital marketer. I help companies generate qualified traffic to take action on their website.

  • Terez

    Terez Tocheva

    Client Success Manager

    I help my clients achieve better business results by improving the way they think, act and communicate online.

  • Zlatina Stoyanova

    Zlatina Stoyanova


    Hi ✌️ I am a designer and I am there, where creativity meets mail

  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Georgieva

    PPC Specialist

    I am a passionate and dynamic PPC specialist on a mission to help businesses grow and achieve their goals while helping people find what they are searching for.

  • Raya

    Raya Tsvetkova

    PPC Specialist

  • hop online team

    Monika Petrova

    SEO Specialist

    My team and I put all the efforts to make sure Google’s first impression of a website is not its last impression.

  • hop online team

    Nikol Yancheva

    Content Strategist

    I know how to make Google fall in love with awesome SaaS content. You can have my word. 😉

  • hop online team

    Ruslan Stoyanov

    Client Success Manager

    I am a strategic partner to my clients, helping to guide them towards achieving their brand vision and business goals through digital marketing.

  • hop online team

    Yoncho Toninski

    PPC Specialist

    When helping my clients grow I always make data-driven decisions and pray to the PPC Gods for better results.

  • Group 271

    Desislava Spasova

    HR Business Partner

    Making sure our employee experience is great and that we maintain our culture of curiosity, team work, and being awesome!

  • Svetoslava Malcheva

    Junior Social Media Marketing Specialist

    I am here to use the power of social media to help you reach your customers right when they need you!

  • Teodora_Ivanova

    Teodora Ivanova

    PPC Specialist

    My job is planning and executing data-driven and performance-oriented digital strategies to help our clients reach their target audience at the right time.

  • Group 268 (1)

    Nikolay Stefanov

    Data Scientist

    With the abundance of data nowadays, the possibilites are endless! I am here to combine machine learning and digital marketing into a spicy mix.

  • Stefan

    Stefan Bozhkov

    Client Success Manager

    Trouble with reaching your targets and goals? I am sure you do not have a CSM yet.

  • Veselina_Balabanova

    Veselina Balabanova

    Junior Content Strategist

    I am a content strategist who is helping Google want more and more of your incredible business content!

  • Desislava_Arnaudova

    Desislava Arnaudova

    Marketing Specialist

    I incorporate analytical with creative solutions to carry out SEO audits and help clients improve their website’s visibility.

  • Trayana Karamihaleva

    Trayana Karamihaleva

    Junior Social Media Marketing Specialist

    My mission is to find your target customers on social media, make them stop scrolling and take action.

  • Alexa Koshutova

    Alexa Koshutova

    Junior PPC Specialist

    I’m a PPC Specialist who is here to make your dreams turn into accomplishable goals and have fun while doing it.

  • Savina Toteva

    Savina Toteva

    SMM and PPC Speciliast

    I know how to turn curiosity into conversions by utilizing a full funnel of strategies.

  • Guy Galloway

    Guy Galloway

    Client Success Manager

    I’m responsible for improving my clients’ digital marketing performance. I’m driven by new ideas, experiences & teamwork.

  • Miroslava Alexandrova

    Miroslava Alexandrova

    Financial Advisor

    I am responsible for the sound financial management of the company. I work in close collaboration with all departments and employes.