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Hop Onliners are bright, dedicated professionals who understand your business’ needs. We are proof that globalization can come in small packages.

Consider the Hop Online team an extension of your own. Virtually as close a colleague a few feet away. When you have a new idea, question, or piece of important information, fire away – we’ll be there.

Paris Childress

CEO & Founder

Paris has spent the bulk of his 15+ year career dedicated to helping companies harness the power of digital marketing. Paris launched Hop Online to scale his know-how and passion for digital marketing far beyond his own personal reach.

Plamena Kostova

Finance Manager

With a Bachelor’s in Marketing and a Master’s degree in Financial Management, Plamena finds that Hop is the best place to apply her knowledge and passion. She loves to manage a wide range of administrative work and is constantly evolving her personal and work skill sets in a dynamic niche like Digital Marketing.

Delcho Stanimirov

PPC Team Lead

Delcho wins prospects with impressive in-depth PPC audits, multiplies their return on ad spend, leads a cutting edge team of PPC experts managing $4 million of yearly budget, and on top of that is a Google Analytics guru. He loves the fact that at Hop Online he has the opportunity to work within many industries, nationalities and diverse client backgrounds, and feels a great sense of accomplishment when he manages to fulfill their wide-ranging goals.

Valeri Veselinski

Social Media & Outreach Team Lead

With over 5 years of experience in the digital marketing field, Valeri has helped numerous companies capture the attention of potential clients, harness the power of the new advertising channels, and manage over $3 million in annual ad budgets.
He appreciates working with a strong team of social media and outreach experts who push the boundaries of what’s possible in an ever-changing market.

Ana Milanova-Lindsey

Content Manager

With over 15 years of content production under her belt, Ana is a uniquely qualified content manager. From communicating the strengths that best resonate with your audience to managing a crack content team, for her, nothing is better than driving organic rankings and telling the stories that set our clients’ businesses apart from the competition.

Magdalena Andreeva

Outreach Specialist

Initially starting as our social media manager, Magi quickly became fascinated about all things related to digital outreach. From music production to data science to bespoke diamond jewelry, what she loves most about her job is being encouraged to stay on top of the latest trends and information.

Galya Mladenova

SEO Team Lead

Galya specializes in search engine optimization and content marketing, and has a solid background in the highly-competitive travel sector. She can help any business find the right online niches for high-quality organic traffic.

Miglena Angelova

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Meggy is a hip-hop dancer disguised as a marketer. She’s a proud owner of a Master’s Degree in European Project Management acquired in Italy and followed by work in Spain. An extrovert by heart, she enjoys communicating with colorful characters, talking about life and finding the good in people. She dedicates herself to helping our clients improve their digital marketing strategies on a daily basis. Turning chaos into order and listening to music are as essential to her as air and water.

Kristina Maglova


Kristina has experience in developing and managing SEO strategies for websites with 1 million+ monthly visits. She can trace and find even the most hidden technical SEO issue and always knows exactly how to address it. Before joining Hop Online, she has worked on numerous international projects and has coordinated the work of technical and marketing teams to achieve outstanding SEO results.

Vassilena Krumova

Social Media and Outreach Specialist

While Vassilena may have started as an intern, both sides quickly realized that it was the right place for her. Diving into the PPC world for a bit, she found her passion for outreach, working with clients from diverse niches (including the travel and music production industries). She loves how the constant learning process at Hop encourages her to fuse creativity and logic.

Antoaneta Grigorova

Senior PPC Expert

Equal parts organizational guru, self-learner, and analytical perfectionist, Toni’s best traits have finally found a place in Hop’s PPC team. After managing ads via multiple advertising platforms, nothing compares to the dynamic challenges that Google Ads offers and now she’s juggling every type of campaign there is on the ex-AdWords platform, including various Google Ad Grant projects.

George Chelebiev

Senior Developer

А five-year Hop Online veteran. George has been working in the company as a copywriter, a graphic designer and currently takes care of the web development tasks. He’s always on top of the latest developments in the things that make your website blazing fast and easily gets carried away explaining the nitty gritty details of how to cut another half a second of the load times.

Diana Petkova

PPC Specialist

A recent Business Administration graduate, Diana is a fast learner who constantly challenges herself, aiming to provide the best return to her clients with a multifaceted digital marketing approach. She enjoys her job at Hop Online because it’s flexible, dynamic, and constantly evolving.

Tsvetelina Mihaylova

Project Manager

With a Master’s in Digital Marketing and international work experience, Tsveti’s passion is best shown through her 360-degree digital strategies, tactical implementation, and strong client relationships. She loves how Hop offers dynamic and challenging situations that bring all sides together to stay on top of the latest tech evolution and digital trends.

Vladimir Todev

PPC Specialist

Vladimir has spent the last several years working on Facebook and Google Ads projects for a diverse portfolio of e-commerce and lead gen businesses. He loves his job because it requires both analytical and creative thinking to solve the ever-changing challenges of the digital world.

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