2X SQLs, 300% ROAS: Senior Planning’s Story

Senior Planning, an Arizona-based elderly care assistance service, faced the unique challenge of operating in a niche market with limited growth opportunities. In early 2021, they joined forces with Hop Online to enhance their paid advertising efforts, specifically through PPC on Google Ads. 


Initially focused on low CPA and high lead volume, the project evolved to prioritize lead quality. The collaboration shifted from relying solely on PPC to a holistic strategy, resulting in a significant 2x increase in the SQL conversion rate and a 3x boost in ROAS.

sales qualified leads
return on ad spend

Key steps to success:

Sales Qualified Leads as a KPI

In Q4 of 2021, our focus with the client was to refine business-level metrics and realign KPIs for improved ROAS. Emphasizing quality over volume, we shifted our attention to tracking the number and value of sales-qualified leads (SQLs) per month. This involved

Enhance Tracking: Rigorous tracking on both Google Ads and Bing was implemented. This involved monitoring conversions and staying at the forefront of search engine strategies, laying the foundation for value-based bidding.

Data Integration: Importing data on SQLs, Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), and closed-won customers back into Google Ads enabled the algorithm to identify new prospects more effectively.

Lead Quality Optimization: Proactive efforts were initiated to optimize lead quality, ensuring that the caliber of leads aligned with the client’s business objectives.

LP & Ad Copy A/B Testing for Higher Quality Leads

Our team conducted regular A/B tests on both new and older landing pages (LPs) to assess the consistency of the SQL conversion rate. For example:

We discovered that some LPs, despite having more conversions with lower CPA, resulted in fewer individuals reaching the SQL stage compared to the original LP. This insight guided us in enhancing pages to attract more high-quality SQLs.

Automated Bidding Strategies

Exploring new automated bidding strategies was a crucial element in Senior Planning‘s success story. After using manual CPC for a period, we transitioned towards testing maximize conversion and target CPA strategies. To mitigate the risk of low-quality leads, separate experiments were conducted for each campaign, gradually shifting towards automated bidding strategies.

Results revealed a deeper understanding of what brought in results. For instance, when comparing target CPA against manual CPA, the tests indicated noticeably better lead quality with tCPA, despite a similar number of conversions.

This learning period led to further experiments with different LPs and campaigns using the new automated bidding strategies, ensuring attraction of higher-quality leads at lower costs.

Within three months, we effectively doubled the SQL conversion rate while maintaining a steady ROAS. Today, Senior Planning stands as a leader in senior care planning in Arizona, offering a range of long-term care services.

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