Multi-Market Competitor Campaign: Itilite’s 6X’ed Leads

Marketing Budget
Series-C Funding

Itilite, a leading Corporate Travel and Expense Management Solution Provider, helps companies reduce T&E by offering all-in-one travel booking, streamlining expense reimbursement, and presenting a unified view of all T&E payments

Itilite’s partnership with Hop Online started in June 2021. At the time, the company had most of its leads coming from India.

We came on board to help them manage their CPA and penetrate the US market through digital advertising. 

Quick Overview of the Results

In the past year, Itilite has achieved remarkable results with its budget and leads. Here’s a rundown of the top achievements: 

  • Reaching and exceeding the target leads KPI
  • 7x’ed the budget while maintaining the same CPL
  • Decreased the CPA in the USA by 50%

The Big Win: Expanding Into a New Market

Before Hop, Itilite was trying to break into the US market but faced challenges in gaining the desired results. Our initial move was to analyze their previous efforts, refining and building upon them for better outcomes.

Shortly after taking over the account, as illustrated below, we started seeing results and unlocking this new market for them. In just the initial three months, the CPA dropped by 50%, and we observed a rise in conversions from the qualified market.

How We Got There

Advanced Forecasting to Build Trust

With CPA dropping and conversions rising, the client was eager to further boost conversion numbers.

To boost trust and aid the client’s growth, we crafted a plan to increase conversions by considering various campaign scenarios. This streamlined communication internally and with the client.

In November, the forecast was approved. As a result, the volume of conversions continued to spike and the CPA kept going down. 

One month after the second increase of the budget, Itilite raised Series C funding of $29M from Tiger Global and existing investor Dharana Capital.  

Development Plan for Testing Winning Strategies

Throughout Itilite’s expansion journey, we employed a purposeful and strategic development plan that included a variety of initiatives. This was key for understanding where the business stands within the market and executing winning strategies that enable effective market penetration. 

For the client, the development plan has been very beneficial as they were able to show and discuss each initiative internally before getting back to our team.

The development plan for Itilite introduced over 15 different initiatives, including: 

  • Running A/B tests for different bidding strategies – For this account, we saw that target CPA works best.
  • Using broad match keywords – This enabled us to reach the widest audience possible with our keywords, which led to an increase in traffic.
  • Changing the account structure – Initially, the client’s account was highly granular. We opted for fewer ad groups with more keywords to improve efficiency and boost the algorithm.

By collaborating with Hop Online, Itilite managed to strategically increase its budget, lower its CPA, and start expanding within the US market.