150% Increase in Conversions: Paid Media & CRO for Anytime Mailbox

Growth in Conversions
Conversion Rate Improvement

Anytime Mailbox is a solution that turns traditional mail into an immediately available digital post that you can manage on any device, anywhere.

ATMB is a very ambitious, self-funded company that reached out to Hop Online in January 2021 to help increase the business’s user acquisition efficiency. 

From the start, we worked on running audits for Google Ads, Facebook, Analytics, and CRO. We focused on paid management and performing ongoing CRO experiments. 

Despite the dynamic competitors’ landscape, relatively low awareness around virtual post mail service, and the iOS 14 update, Anytime Mailbox has achieved some remarkable results in the past year. 

By partnering with Hop, ATMB managed to skyrocket its conversions and keep the CAC stable by creating successful top-of-funnel paid campaigns, running CRO tests, and adjusting to the iOS 14 privacy update.

Biggest Wins

Our marketing priority for ATMB has been to meet its goal of efficiently acquiring customers while also sustaining healthy growth. 

Over a period of 14 months, Anytime Mailbox has seen great results across three mediums:

  • Google ads – 150% increase in conversions, while CAC has increased almost insignificantly 
  • Facebook ads – over 180% increase in conversions and 24% decrease in CAC
  • CRO – over 160% increase in conversions on average for the tested landing pages

Key Steps to Success

Account Restructure for Google Ads

One of the first steps our team took was to restructure the account in order to improve performance. 

To mitigate the risks associated with the learning period, ATMB’s account restructure was done in two phases:

Phase 1

Over a period of 5 months, we focused on pausing all duplicate keywords, improving ad copies, and introducing more RSAs. Search campaigns were organized by topic to allow for better segmentation, which has been key for having an easy-to-manage, scalable account.

At a glance, the account restructuring included:

  • 15 new campaigns
  • 63.4k overall changes in the Google Ads account
  • 5.22k bidding changes 
  • 4.55k ad changes 
  • 48.2k keyword changes 
  • 8k targeting changes 

Milestone: After phase 1 of the restructuring period, we saw a 56% increase in conversions, while CAC only increased by 14% (volatile due to tests and experiments). 

Phase 2

As the account moved towards a more efficient structure, we shifted our focus to implementing Google’s new best practices – simplified structure, as well as broad match keywords. 

Milestone: After implementing the latest best practices, we saw a 19% increase in conversions and a $1 decrease in CAC.

Top of the Funnel Campaigns

In September 2021, we started introducing top-of-funnel search campaigns, including YouTube Ads and Google’s Performance Max (PMax). 

, we were able to warm up the audience and attract a larger pool of prospects interested in topics associated with Anytime Mailbox. 

Milestone: PMax has been bringing significant results in terms of both direct conversions and halo conversions (people who’ve converted in Search, but have had PMax as part of their journey).  

In the past 6 months, PMax has brought around 6K conversions, while maintaining a very low CPC.

Adjusting to the iOS 14 Update for Facebook Ads

The iOS 14 update is one of Apple’s biggest updates so far. It requires Facebook to request permission from users to track them across websites and apps. If users opt out, ad personalization and performance reporting become limited across conversion events. 

Phase 1

While the iOS 14 update makes tracking less accurate and makes it harder for Facebook to identify who is converting, we can still retain valuable user data from other sources and import it to the platform.

On Facebook, one of our initial steps was to start working on ATMB’s lookalike audiences and changing their data source.

Milestone: Unsurprisingly, the iOS14 update increased CAC dramatically, but our team managed to get it back under control and focus on audience and geo-targeting expansion testing. 

Phase 2

Given the iOS update, along with the phasing out of third-party cookies, passing data server-side is critical for accurate conversion tracking. This is why we implemented a conversion API (CAPI) for Anytime Mailbox.

Lookalike audiences are now based on ATMB’s own customers lists, as we’ve been feeding Facebook first party data. CAPI was a necessary addition to the Conversions campaigns and it is a way to stop relying on 3rd party cookies.

The CAPI also provided better visibility of the number of conversions. Just in the first month of the CAPI implementation, we saw a 45% increase in conversions and a 23% decrease in CAC. 

Over 20 CRO Tests in 2021

In total, we ran approximately 20 tests in 2021, including:

  • 14 different variations were tested on the PPC landing page
  • 3 different variations were tested on ATMB’s homepage

ATMB’s website has been a key part of the company’s success. We leveraged Unbounce to create an array of landing pages and A/B test them on conversion rate optimization to identify the ones that would bring the most benefit to the client. 

Within a year of collaboration, we saw an average of 160% increase in conversions for the tested pages. All of that while maintaining a steady customer acquisition cost.