Episode 5

Wooshkaa Asks Companies, ‘What’s Your Audio Strategy?’

Rob Lowenthal

Today we chew the fat with Rob Lowenthal, Founder of Whooshkaa, an innovative audio platform the serves both podcasters and companies.

Rob has combined his background in radio with his love for the spoken word and created Whooshka as a platform that simplifies the podcasting and audio creation workflow. Less tools means more time to focus on the content.
He currently relies on organic growth channels like referrals and word-of-mouth, but recognizes that he could be doing more to get the word out for Whooshkaa.
What I found most interesting is that Whooshaa primarily serves enterprise clients such as Atlasssian, who use Whooshkaa to create and distribute audio content that engages, trains and informs their team. It’s a great way to keep employees connected to the company and to each other — especially in the age of remote work. Many companies put huge efforts into building and maintaining intranet systems, when a company podcast might better serve those needs in an easier and more fun way.
He asks company HR leaders to consider this very intriguing question — “What is your company’s audio strategy?” This certainly got my wheels turning, and I’m sure it will get you all thinking about how to answer the same question in your company or within your team. After all, audio is the easiest to consume content format of all, considering you can do it in parallel with almost any other activity.

Enjoy the episode!

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