Episode 88

Why Put Customer-Centric Marketing First with Drew Brucker of LASSO

Drew Brucker

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Drew Brucker is the VP of Growth at LASSO – a Series A SaaS company that provides workforce management software and a marketplace for the live events industry.

Drew spent the first half of his career in Sales before pivoting to Marketing, where he found his passion. In just six years, he’s risen from an entry-level marketer to a vice president sitting on the executive team at his current company.

Outside of work, Drew is also a professional photographer, with his work appearing in a handful of publications. He’s married and lives in a house full of women: his wife, his twin daughters, his nanny, and his two dogs (outnumbered 6:1).

Here are some of the key topics that Drew and Paris discussed in this episode:

• Why curiosity is one of the keys to career success
• Better focus and performance in the workplace with the concept of deep work
• The challenges of working in a startup environment
• The post-pandemic state of the events industry
• New vs. old marketing – and why the fundamentals never change
• The value and use of customer research & the customer-centric approach
• What is 5 to 9 marketing or marketing after-hours
• 🔥 Fire Questions Challenge

Quote from Drew Brucker on Episode 88 of Paris Talks Marketing

Resources Mentioned:
Book, Founder Brand: Turn Your Story Into Your Competitive Advantage by Dave Gerhardt


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Listen to the episode with Drew to find out why understanding the voice of the customer is more important than ever. Bonus tip: how to be a better marketer when you’re not working.

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