Episode 112

Why ABM Is the Only Marketing Choice for B2B with Joana Inch of HAT Media

Joana Inch

Joana Inch on PTM

In this episode, Joana shares the basic principles of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and why ABM is the only marketing choice for B2B companies targeting mid- to enterprise-level accounts.

👉 Joana Inch is the founder of HAT Media, a B2B and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Agency.

She is a best-selling author of Go To Market, a regular educator at the Sydney Microsoft Reactor, and a constant learner of ABM & B2B marketing strategies with a particular interest in consumer psychology.

Tune in to explore the evolution of B2B marketing and how to do ABM, from the basics to the strategic tactics.

Quote from Joana Inch on Episode 112 of Paris Talks Marketing

Here are some of the key topics that Joana and Paris discussed in this episode:

• 00:00 Intro

• 02:10 The changing B2B buyer

• 03:55 Millennials in B2B roles (as decision-makers)

• 05:05 PLG, Demos & Sales Process and where it all goes wrong

• 11:14 Why ABM should be the only marketing choice for B2B

• 12:35 All things ABM – what is account-based marketing?

• 15:44 Tools to use to map decision-makers for your ABM strategy

• 17:18 The 3 levels of personalization with ABM 

• 20:12 The role of outbound marketing within an ABM strategy

• 22:12 The types of content you need to personalize your ABM strategy

• 25:28 What are good marketing KPIs or metrics for ABM?

• 29:18 When should companies use an Employee Advocacy Program

• 34:18 Recap: How to get started with ABM

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