Episode 78

Video-Led Storytelling & Educational Content with Michael Blodgett of OneDay

Michael Blodgett

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With nearly a decade of experience working with high-growth startups, Michael’s passion is elevating marketing and demand generation strategy in every project he undertakes.
At OneDay, Michael develops marketing strategies and manages the execution of demand generation campaigns, utilizing an integrated approach and tactics including webinars, email, SEO, digital advertising, industry and company events, social media, and content marketing.

Here are some of the key topics that Paris and Michael discussed in this episode:

• Video-led marketing 
• Use cases of personalized videos in sales, marketing, and recruitment
• The power of leveraging webinars
• How to repurpose content
• How listening to your prospects can help you market your product better
• Community marketing
• And… the Hawaiian Friday tradition of Michael!

Michael Blodgett

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Tune in to find out more about why video is the future of marketing and other interesting topics in this episode.
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