Episode 49

The Art of OKRs with Jeremy Epstein, CMO at Gtmhub

Jeremy Epstein

The OKRs can play a powerful role in creating an environment where employees can work with purpose. In this episode with Jeremy Epstein, who is the CMO at Gtmhub, we discuss the art of implementing OKRs, do/dont’s of setting marketing OKRs and what blockchain and OKRs have in common. He also shares his unique view on their marketing funnel: 1) OKR unaware, 2) OKR curious and 3) OKReligion.

As your organization grows, OKRs can help your team stay aligned and focused on common goals. Jeremy’s advice for leaders when setting OKRs is to not to dictate but rather empower, be collaborative, practice what you preach, and most importantly ask questions.

Jeremy also shares that 72% of the first time implemented OKRs fail, but rather because companies are not in the right mindset and do not have the discipline required to make OKRs happen.

Tune in and enjoy!

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