Episode 96

The Art of Gift Giving for Customer Love with Nick Bennett of Alyce

Nick Bennett

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Voted as one of LinkedIn’s top 100 creators, Nick Bennett shares his experiences with personal branding, evangelism, and customer marketing. Nick also hosts one of the world’s top 10% most popular podcasts, Rep Your Brand.

As a podcast host, speaker and creator, Nick constantly explores how B2B buyers make decisions today. He applies his learnings by serving as the Director of Evangelism & Customer Marketing at Alyce. He posts daily on LinkedIn and TikTok. Give him a follow on social if you want to up your game!

Here are some of the key topics that Nick and Paris discussed in this episode:

• (2:27) How to Build a Personal Brand as a Saas Marketer

• (4:57) How Often to Post on Social Media

• (7:10) How to Grow Your Followers on LI & Stand out with a Strong POV and Narrative

• (11:32) What Are the Keys to Success with Account-Based Marketing

• (18:37) Skyrocket Your Personal Marketing with Gifts Giving

• (22:07) What Are the Best Touchpoints in the Buyer’s Journey for Gift Giving?

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Listen to the episode with Nick to find out the importance of having a strong POV. Hear about the impact of gift-giving in building relationships with your customers. Plus, find the meaning behind “delivering the outbound love”.

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