Episode 95

Skyrocket Your SaaS Brand with Content Marketing with Nate Turner of Ten Speed

Nate Turner

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Nate Turner is the Co-founder and CEO of Ten Speed – a content marketing & SEO agency for SaaS. Before starting the agency in 2020, Nate was the VP of Acquisition at Sprout Social, where he helped grow the company to $100m. He’s been also a growth marketing consultant for companies like Help Scout, Zylo, and Popular Pays.

Here are some of the key topics that Nate and Paris discussed in this episode:

• (3:15) What SEO Works Best for Simple SaaS Websites? 

• (5:08) Is Linkbuilding Still Important for SaaS Websites? 

• (8:51) How to Create a Content Strategy for a SaaS Company? 

• (12:22) Create or Promote SaaS Content? 

• (17:36) What Drives More Engagement: Content from Your Profile or Company Page? 

• (31:21) Content Optimization vs. New Content Creation

Quote from Nate Turner on Episode 95 of Paris Talks Marketing

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