Episode 103

The Danger of Silver Bullet Thinking for SEO with Sam Dunning of Web Choice

Sam Dunning

Sam Dunning on PTM podcast

Sam Dunning is the co-owner at Web Choice, an award-winning web development and digital marketing company. He’s also the host of a B2B marketing podcast called the Business Growth Show.

Join us to learn why SEO isn’t dead and how to make your website your best salesperson.

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Here are some of the key topics that Sam and Paris discussed in this episode:

• (2:40) The biggest mistakes on B2B SaaS websites

• (4:46) How to make your B2B SaaS website resonate with your audience

• (6:04) Is SEO a fit for you?

• (13:03) How to create content that matches the search demand

• (13:58) Why marketing & sales alignment is a win for the customer

• (17:01) How to create value in your B2B content

• (19:00) Why you should be present on multiple channels

• (21:00) How to rank with your B2B SaaS website

• (22:04) How to do link building for your B2B SaaS website for free

• (25:47) What are Core Web Vitals?

• (28:44) When is the right time to remove or update a page?

• (30:56) How to keep visitors on your website

Mentioned Resources:

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