Episode 77

Product Marketing in Ecommerce with Daniel Murphy, VP Marketing at Privy

Daniel Murphy

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Dan is currently running marketing at Privy, the #1 reviewed sales app in the Shopify App Store. He has prior experience as a product marketer at HubSpot and Drift, and with demand generation for Onshape.

Here are some of the key topics that Paris and Dan discussed in this episode:

• What product marketing brings to the table & why is it a critical component of every company’s success
• How Privy got on Shopify & became the number one rated app for Shopify
• SMS marketing & how the pandemic accelerated this trend
• How to use content marketing to educate your customers
• The importance of video marketing
• How to lift off your B2B brand on TikTok
• How influencer marketing could evolve in Web 3.0

Daniel Murphy

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Product marketing helps companies understand what customers love about their products, why they’re buying them, what features they’re actually using, why they’re picking you over other competitors, and many more insights. Tune in to find out more about the importance of product marketing and other interesting topics in this episode.

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