Episode 3

LMS Leader Gyrus Systems Schools Customers and the Competition

Viren Kapadia

Today I sit down with Viren Kapadia, President and CEO of Learning Management System (LMS) Gyrus Systems (http://gyrus.com), which he acquired in 2009.

The $31 billion corporate learning industry was growing at 11% per year *before* the pandemic. This year, all bets are off, and Gyrus has impressively managed to grow even faster than the white hot market it operates in.
In the age of remote work and heavily restricted travel, 2 trends have greatly stimulated the growth the LMS market this year:

(1) Service-based companies that traditionally relied on face-to-face training now urgently need a remote training platform to continue onboarding employees and training them on their standard operating procedures (SOPs).
(2) Professional trainers who used to fly around the world training teams are now grounded and must deliver their content through new remote platforms.
Viren and I talk about how people shop for, evaluate and ultimately decide on which LMS to buy. ROI from a LMS investment is measured less by revenue and more by employee productivity and happiness. This makes the LMS one of the most important software decisions a company will make — and this year that decision is more important than ever before.


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