Episode 29

How to Automate Partnerships and Boost Your SAAS Growth With Tyler Calder, VP of Marketing, Partnerstack

Tyler Calder

In this episode, I interviewed Tyler Calder, VP of Marketing at PartnerStack. PartnerStack is a platform that automates the most difficult aspects of running a partner program. It is designed to keep partners engaged over time, allowing you to generate predictable, recurring revenue.
During our talk, Tyler mentioned how most of their clients see their first sale through partnerships within 30 days.
Want to learn more about how partnerships can boost your SaaS business’ growth?
Here are the top highlights:

•Where to start if you are building a career as a marketer.
•The role of empathy in understanding user intent behind a keyword.
•What are the common entry points for SaaS companies to turn to partnership programs.
•What are the benefits of partnership programs for amplifying your brand & product.
•How PartnerStack expanded its marketing in 3 phases:
•Figuring out what is working and what is not.
•Tapping into existing demand.
•Generating new demand.

Tune in and enjoy!

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