Episode 85

How the Love of Journalism Helps Your B2B Storytelling with Andrew Hoerner

Andrew Hoerner

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Andrew Hoerner has run marketing, product marketing, and PR at global public companies as well as fast-growth startups, including one unicorn, one double unicorn, and an IPO.
His passion is to connect customers and users with innovative technologies that improve work and life. Most recently, Andrew grew the global marketing team at Symphony, the largest connected community of financial services professionals as it grew from $35M to $100M ARR and acquired two companies. Prior, he headed the marketing team at FS-ISAC, a threat intelligence sharing organization, during its growth from 2000 to 7000 members across 44 countries and helped launch and spin out its high growth, award-winning Soltra SaaS division.
He frequently advises startups and provides pro bono marketing to women-owned businesses.

Here are some of the key topics that Andrew and Paris discussed in this episode:

• How Andrew’s career has evolved being part of a unicorn, a double unicorn, an IPO, and acquisitions, and what have been common keys to success for all of those companies?
• Why marketing and sales should stop fighting
• How the love of journalism & its principles gets you earned media and the right B2B story
• The fast fail/fast fix approach
• Feedback loops and Andrew’s loop group concept
• The rapid A/B testing cycle of Andrew for creatives
• What are micro-influencers, how can they help marketers, and how to use them?
• Lessons from B2C that B2B marketers can learn
• The power of free knowledge


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