Episode 72

How the Long Tail in Procurement Impacts Content Creation with Christina Patrick of Paid

Christina Patrick

Christina Patrick Podcast Image Cover

In this episode, Paris interviews Christina Patrick. Having held various roles in marketing in different sectors, and managing teams of different sizes, Christina is now the head of marketing at Paid, a UK tech start-up that is changing the way procurement teams work with their smaller suppliers, making the process more efficient and cost-effective for both parties.

Listen to the episode as they discuss:

• The long tail theory in procurement
• What does the quote “give people what they want” has in common with creating content
• How to create content that sits at the heart of people’s pain points and with the long tail in mind
• Why ungated content is the way to go
• Utilizing live podcast recording sessions to build audiences and repurpose content
• Video marketing
• What startups should look for in a good marketing agency partner

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