Episode 45

Growth Hacking Strategy: Scaling from 0 to 10m ARR With Guillaume Moubeche Founder & CEO at Lemlist

Guillaume Moubeche

In this episode, I interviewed Guillaume Moubeche, Founder & CEO at Lemlist. Lemlist lets you personalize cold emails, automate follow-ups, and engage with leads across all channels.

Lemlist is a bootstrapped company that has grown from 0 to 10m ARR in less than 3 years. For the first 100 customers, Guillaume closed using his own product, and the rest of the company’s growth was achieved by focusing on creating relevant and valuable content for customers and branding.

Hear more in this episode about growth hacking strategies by Guillaume:

•Why Lemlist refused a $30m funding offer.

•Building a Facebook community of 17+ members and how it helps the brand to grow.

•Why Lemlist focuses on organic growth rather than paid advertising

•How they developed a SaaS sales process

Tune in and enjoy!

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