Episode 79

Go-To-Market Strategy & Sales-Led Growth with Rafael Oezdemir, CEO at Zendog Labs

Rafael Oezdemir

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Rafael has built and scaled 7 start-ups as a Principal at Roivant and as a Co-Founder at Eatearnity and Maison Baum. Roivant is an operator-investor that deploys $3B+ from investors like Softbank Vision Fund, Founders Fund, and Peter Thiel’s Palantir. Before starting Zendog Labs, he led Demand Gen & Channel Partnerships at Roivant’s enterprise SaaS Lokavant, where they took the start-up from 1M to ~5M ARR and 10 to ~50 FTEs in < 2 years.

Here are some of the key topics that Paris and Rafael discussed in this episode:

•  Full-stack go-to-market (GTM) framework of Zendog Labs
• The set of challenges you can face with regard to growth when entering a new market
• The seller journey vs the buyer journey
• Should a startup lead with ICP First or Product First & when a startup should choose an ICP
• How marketing helps with establishing a product-market fit
• Sales-led growth approach & what are some outbound tactics which work for a startup ➝ To succeed with an outbound approach, Rafael shares that you need to capture existing demand through an outbound sales motion rather than generating the demand.
• Blue ocean vs red ocean strategies
• 3 tips on how to raise more investments as a startup in the current environment

Rafael Oezdemir
Zendog Labs

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Rafael’s experience led him to believe that most startups die because they can’t grow. Listen to the episode to find out more about building and executing growth strategies for start-ups with Rafael.
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