Episode 90

First-Party Data and the Cookiepocalypse with Jessie Lizak of BDEX

Jessie Lizak

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Jessie Lizak is the CMO at BDEX, the first-ever Data Exchange Platform (DXP). BDEX empowers B2C companies to use the power of data to understand consumer behaviors and intents. It helps them reach the right people at the right time.

Jessie has mastered generating revenue, growing audiences, and connecting people. That’s what she has been doing for the last 10+ years. Her secret to it? It’s all about data-driven marketing and sales.

Jessie has senior management executive and c-suite experience. She’s built a solid track record of providing leadership and direction to drive revenue for technology companies.

Some of her other great projects include co-hosting the Deconstructing Data Podcast. She is also the founder of Click-Cause, which aims to inspire ethical marketing, and of Reveting, a full-service dark social agency.

Here are some of the key topics that Jessie and Paris discussed in this episode:

• The approach of BDEX for cleaner and more privacy-compliant data
• Transitioning past third-party data to marketing with quality first-party data
• Ethical marketing and why it’s profitable to do what’s right in business
• Leveraging Dark Social
• Balancing personal branding and company branding

Quote from Jessie Lizak on Episode 90 of Paris Talks Marketing


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Listen to the episode with Jessie to find out why first-party data will replace third-party data and how to embrace it.

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