Episode 109

Embracing the Startup Chaos & How Repositioning Cut CAC by 52% with Andrej Persolja

Andrej Persolja

Andrej Persolja on PTM

The early-stage startup journey is a mess! As you strive to validate your vision and achieve growth, you encounter a chaotic mix of challenges. 

Gaining customers becomes a hit-or-miss scenario that impacts both your progress and marketing tactics, leaving you unsure who your best-fit audience truly is.

You need to bring order to this startup mess. And that’s where repositioning steps in: a strategy to focus on your best-fit customers and niche down your product for targeted growth.

In our Marketing Strategy Theme, we’ve invited the growth marketer Andrej Persolja to discuss the power of product repositioning.

Tune in to learn how at his last startup, Andrej repositioned the product and managed to lower the cost of user acquisition (CAC) by 52%, which led to doubling their growth.

👉 Andrej is a growth marketer, helping tech startups who experience stagnant growth reposition their products to attract, convert, and retain customers. His experience comes from co-founding 2 startups, where he learned about the challenges founders face on the path to growth. 

Andrej has worked with more than 30 startups, and today he is a consultant and fractional CMO, helping startups grow.

Quote from Andrej Persolja on Episode 109 of Paris Talks Marketing

Here are some of the key topics that Andrej and Paris discussed in this episode:

• 00:00 Intro

• 02:21 How early-stage startup journey is a mess
• 04:25 Should you limit your targeting to best-fit customers in the early-startup lifecycle
• 05:36 Investors pressure & hitting user acquisition goals
• 08:29 How personal branding can help with testing a Product-Market Fit
• 09:51 Where does the need for repositioning kick in?
• 12:11 How repositioning led to a 52% lower Cost of User Acquisition (CAC)
• 15:06 How to understand you have a product positioning problem
• 19:42 Don’t rely on ChatGPT for product positioning
• 23:41 Focus on doing more organic marketing
• 25:01 How to get people onto Zoom calls
• 31:20 Why marketers should experience agency or small startup life

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