Episode 99

Elevate Your Career with Personal Branding & Podcasting with Joseph Lewin of Proofpoint Marketing

Joseph Lewin

Podcast Cover Image with Joseph Lewin

Joseph Lewin is the Director of Demand Generation at Proofpoint Marketing & the Host of The Strategic Marketer Podcast. 

Joseph grows companies by clarifying messaging and delivering a relationship-driven revenue pipeline. His career changed the day he started a podcast and focused on LinkedIn. 

Now he uses what he’s learned to help companies build trusted relationships with their ideal buyers.

Key Takeaways from the Podcast Episode with Joseph

Here are some of the key topics that Joseph and Paris discussed in this episode:

• (3:10) Account-based marketing vs. building relationships at scale

• (5:21) How to differentiate your brand

• (7:12) What Is relationship enablement?

• (9:37) Testing with paid search or paid social?

• (11:44) How to measure the success of your paid social copy

• (14:04) Is podcasting beneficial for B2B companies?

• (18:10) What are the skills of a great marketer?

• (23:03) How to establish credibility as a podcast host

• (29:08) 3 Tips for building a personal brand

• (31:27) How to grab people’s attention on social media

• (32:08) The psychology behind how people buy

• (34:57) Pricing: the positioning tool many B2B marketers forget about

Listen to the episode with Joseph to find out how to craft effective messaging. It’ll help you deliver a relationship-driven revenue pipeline. Learn how to grow in your career through personal branding and podcasting!

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Show Notes: Leveraging Podcasting to Establish Credibility and Expertise

Joseph discussed how sales teams can work with customers to build relationships instead of relying on traditional methods such as cold calls or emails. One method to help with “relationship enablement,” as Joseph calls it, with current customers, prospects, and industry influencers, is to launch a podcast.

“Starting your own podcast or hosting it is extremely valuable for growing all the skills you want to grow in as a marketer.”

According to Joseph, hosting a podcast requires skills such as asking the right questions, going deeper into the topics, being curious, writing posts for social media yourself, and doing guest outreach at least for the first few times.

Whether you’re launching a new podcast or you already have one, Joseph has a few tips on how to establish credibility as a host:

• Focus on the category side of things by bringing industry experts from outside the company onto the show
• Gain credibility by associating yourself with the experts
• Show your expertise by asking specific and informed questions during the podcast recordings
• And use your guests as a way to demonstrate your expertise in specific areas by sharing your thoughts on the topic

Most of all, you need to be curious and dig deeper to find unknown unknowns. 

How to Build Your Personal Brand with Podcasting

Joseph views podcasting as a tool for building a personal brand. And as a host, it can boost your credibility even further.

If you’re wondering where to start, we’ve got you covered. 

Quote from Joseph Lewin on Episode 99 of Paris Talks Marketing

Joseph shared tons on how to build your personal brand.

Here are the three things you need to know, which can help your company’s employees build personal brands:

Infographic on How to Build a Personal Brand with Joseph Lewin

Building a personal brand is key to career growth. 

As a final takeaway on the importance of personal branding and podcasting, Joseph shares, “I highly recommend that you jump on your personal brand because it is absolutely the best thing you could do for your career. 

If somebody’s in college right now and they start a podcast in their senior year, interview leaders at companies they want to work for, and start being active on LinkedIn, they are going to get a way better job coming out of college than somebody that’s just applying to whatever companies might want them.

And if they continue doing that over the next couple of years, they will skyrocket their career growth.”

Get a head start on your marketing strategy with this insightful episode on building relationships, personal branding, and podcasting. Listen now to the full episode and elevate your career!

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