Episode 113

Don’t Hit Snooze on First-Party Data Strategy with Greg Kihlström of GK5A

Greg Kihlström

Greg Kihlström on PTM

A wake-up call for businesses everywhere: either adapt to the First-Party Data (1PD) era or risk falling behind!

In this episode, we explore the dynamic intersection of artificial intelligence, marketing technology, personalized customer experiences, and 1PD.

Though not a marketing world newcomer, AI is experiencing a renaissance. From harnessing generative AI to automate repetitive tasks to predicting consumer behavior, AI has become indispensable for leading brands and their marketing teams.

But the landscape is shifting. “AI doesn’t work without good data.”

Customers now demand personalized experiences while growing increasingly cautious about data privacy. With evolving consumer preferences and stricter data regulations, brands are at a crossroads.

The solution? Crafting a robust first-party data strategy. This strategy empowers the level of personalization customers crave while protecting their data.

Learn how to thrive in the post-cookie world with Greg Kihlström, Principal & Chief Strategist at GK5A and author of House of the Customer!

Quote from Greg Kihlström on Episode 113 of Paris Talks Marketing

Here are some of the key topics that Greg and Paris discussed in this episode:

• 00:00 Intro

• 02:17 What a personalized customer journey looks like

• 03:42 Example of a well-orchestrated personalized customer journey for SaaS

• 06:59 Generative AI & the future of marketing

• 07:22 How AI impacts smaller organizations

• 11:02 How Gen AI tools fit into the modern MarTech stack

• 11:59 The “people, process, platform & data” part of implementing MarTech

• 13:37 Get a First-Party Data strategy or fall behind

• 15:11 Are you doing enough with your 1PD?

• 15:58 Why companies aren’t preparing for the Post-Cookie world

• 21:27 The best First-Party Data strategy

• 25:18 CDP vs. Data Warehouse

• 30:05 Do all companies need a First-Party Data strategy

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