Episode 81

Demand Gen & Lead Gen Strategies with Eric Stockton, VP Demand Generation at Constant Contact

Eric Stockton

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Eric is the VP of Demand Generation at Constant Contact and the host of The Revenue Marketing Show, a podcast by SharpSpring from Constant Contact that puts listeners in the trenches with B2B and ecommerce marketers to jumpstart their revenue marketing strategies with actionable tips from thought leaders at the forefront of modern marketing.
An expert and innovator in digital marketing, eCommerce, lead gen, publishing, and online media, Eric has a track record of proven leadership and has directly led $3MM+ ad budgets and $70M+ top-line sales organizations.

Here are some of the key topics that Eric and Paris discussed in this episode:

• Customer Acquisition with Demand Generation (leading with an ICP-first strategy)
• Step 1 of Demand Generation: Problem Education (using high sales touch flow to help customers understand how Sharp Spring solves their pain points)
• Step 2 of Demand Generation: Increasing Your Brand Authority (How do you do attribution on setting your company up as the authority in the niche)
• The importance of understanding your customers’ (ICPs) problems & why that’s the biggest threat to Constant Contact
• What are some common pain points with lead generation for agencies
• Lead generation strategies (the right portion for successful lead generation from outbound, inbound, and partnership strategies)
• Personal branding and how it helps in landing clients
• 🔥 Fire Questions Challenge

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Eric Stockton

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Listen to the episode with Eric to find out more about the importance of knowing your customers’ pain points and some lead gen and demand gen strategies.
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