Episode 4

codeSpark Academy Teaches Coding Skills to Kids Worldwide

Grant Hosford

In this episode, I sit down with Grant Hosford, Co-founder and CEO of codeSpark Academy, the world’s #1 coding app for kids aged 4-10.
Among other things, Grant and I chew the fat around topics such as:

•Grant’s inspiration for starting codeSpark (hint: it has to do with his own kids)
•Kids’ natural superpower in learning sophisticated logic once you get the keyboard, mouse and coding syntax out of the way
•The benefits of knowing code when navigating the automated jobs of the future
•The ginormous potential reach of codeSpark
•How they penetrated the classroom so quickly
•Marketing and growth KPIs for codeSpark
•The unique challenges of the customer and the user not being the same person
•Key partnerships with code.org and others
•How the pandemic has effected their business and the way kids learn

It’s a truly fascinating interview with one of my favorite entrepreneurs. Have a listen!

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