Episode 24

Carve Your Own Space in the Crowded Market of Software Reviews With Russ Somers VP Marketing, Trustradius

Russ Somers

Software review platforms have become indispensable for SaaS users and marketers. Meet Russ Somers, VP Marketing at TrustRadius – a company that has established its presence in this very competitive niche and scaled.
Hear what he has to say on millennials choosing SaaS products, competing against Capterra and G2, and how TrustRaduis scaled from 300K to 1.2 million users per month.

Here are some highlights of our conversation:
– Millennials are the biggest buyers in the market, and they have a different approach to making purchase decisions.
– When you compete against Capterra and G2, the differentiators are trust and quality.
– To scale organic traffic, lean into adjacent spaces and target these audiences and queries.
– Focus on the search intent – assess which specific terms are useful to people in-market.
– Make asking for reviews an ongoing practice.

Tune in and enjoy!

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