Episode 25

Bundled Solution: How to Market Suite of Software With Praval Singh – Vice President, Marketing & Customer Experience – Zoho

Praval Singh

Meet Praval Singh, Vice President, Marketing & Customer Experience at Zoho. The brand provides a powerful suite of software that helps you run your entire business.

Here are the highlights:
– To scale, you need to build something you take pride in and invest in people. Nurture and support talent, invest in research and development, and listen to user feedback.
– Companies subscribe to different vendors and at the end of the day it all adds up to a big check. In case of cost per user, and for companies that are growing, it can get quite expensive. Then there are the issues with integrations, usage, reporting, and onboarding. This is where Zoho comes in.
– Marketing software bundles come down to product marketing. Every product has its own marketing team that communicates the value proposition, while the brand marketing team works on Zoho’s overall brand.

Tune in and enjoy!

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