Episode 30

Building a Product With Your Customers in Mind With John Golden Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Pipeliner CRM

John Golden

In today’s episode, I interviewed John Golden, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Pipeliner CRM. Pipeliner CRM is a sales enablement platform that focuses on pipeline management, sales process, and analytics for sales management and salespeople.
During our talk, John shares how Pipeliner CRM has gained significant growth over the past couple of months due to their laser focus on developing their product so that their customers can succeed and scale with it.
Want to learn more about building a SaaS product with your customers in mind?
Here are the highlights from the episode:

•How Pipeliner CRM strategically focused on developing its product and moved upmarket.
•John shares tips on how salespeople can improve their demo process with prospects.
•What is spin selling? How can you use this questioning framework to bring value to your interactions with prospects?
•How to create a content strategy focusing on high-quality and educational content for your audience.

Tune in and enjoy!

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