Episode 6

Brendan Kane Author of the Book “The Hook Point”

Brendan Kane

In today’s episode, I interviewed Brendan Kane growth strategist who recently published a book called “The Hook Point”.

There are more than 60 billion messages pushed out by online platforms each day, you have approximately 3 seconds to grab your consumer’s attention. You need to have a hook point in everything that you post online, that will make people stop scrolling and say “Wait. What?”. Brendan shares 3 core pillars that will make you stand out from the crowd; can you grab your audience’s attention for 3-4 seconds? What kind of story or message are you going to tell to hold their attention? And, will your audience believe it and trust it? Want to find out more on how you can make a great hook point that grabs your audience’s attention?

Tune in with us and Enjoy!

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