Episode 70

Branding, Growth, and Leadership for Startups with Luciano Freitas, CMO at BX Blue

Luciano Freitas

Luciano Freitas Podcast Image Cover

In this episode, Paris sits down with Luciano Freitas, currently the CMO at the finch BX Blue. Neuroscientist and entrepreneur, Luciano is the co-founder of Facily, the first social commerce in Latin America, and the founder of Mind Hack Lab, a laboratory of mental alchemy and behavioral innovation. He made part of Uber’s leadership and marketing teams in Brazil and helped launch Airbnb in Latin America, also acting in the leadership lineup.

Following Luciano’s experience, this episode is all about good leadership. Hear more in this episode as we discuss:

• The three pillars of marketing
• The impact of Uber’s and Airbnb’s branding strategies
• Growth marketing
• Users-first approach
• What makes a great leader

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