Episode 98

Betting on Demand Gen as a Growth Lever with Adam Holmgren of GetAccept

Adam Holmgren

Podcast Cover Image - Adam Holmgren

Adam is the Head of Demand Gen for the fast-growing Series B company GetAccept.

He has also created Driving Demand, a community, and podcast for European B2B marketers obsessed with revenue. Sometimes called the “Chris Walker of Europe” 😉 

Here are some of the key topics that Adam and Paris discussed in this episode:

• (2:44) Lead Gen Vs. Demand Gen and how GetAccept went from a more lead gen focus toward demand generation

• (7:46) Hire more salespeople or marketers in uncertain times?

• (9:22) How new category creation for Digital Sales Room turned a Win-Win for everyone involved

• (15:20) The broken B2B marketing attribution

• (19:00) How GetAccept manages their GA campaigns

• (24:07) Marketing attribution: how to measure your LinkedIn Ads?

• (25:02) Google Ads or LinkedIn Ads?

• (26:19) Why Lead Ads are tricky

• (30:06) Why engaging in other communities is more powerful than having your own & how to do community building

Quote from Adam Holmgren on Episode 98 of Paris Talks Marketing


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Listen to the episode with Adam to find out the importance of fostering strategic partnerships with competitors. Learn how new category creation was a win-win for GetAccept and its competitors.

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