Episode 73

AI in Marketing and Sales with Stu Gold, General Manager at Superwise.ai

Stu Gold

Stu Gold Podcast Image Cover

In this episode, Paris sits down with Stu Gold to discuss AI and Machine Learning and what they have in common with his company’s marketing and sales approach. Stu, General Manager and Chief Revenue Officer of Superwise.ai, is a highly energetic advanced technology sales, marketing, and business development leader with a unique and highly successful background in launching, growing, and scaling early-stage technology businesses into new, emerging markets on a global scale.

Here are some of the key topics that Paris and Stu discussed in this episode:

• Why AI and machine learning will become a part of the core marketing flow
• What is model observability and why it is critical to machine learning 
• The growth of machine learning operations teams
• Using aggregated data to ensure compliance with data privacy laws
• Product-led growth and time to value
• How to succeed through failure

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