Episode 14

AI-driven Optimization for Customer Journey with Chris Newton, VP of Marketing, Intellemize

Chris Newton

Join our conversation with Chris Newton, VP of Marketing, Intellemize, if you’re interested in taking CRO A/B testing and personalization to a different level.

Intellemize’s machine learning runs multiple optimization experiments at the same time, while also automatically selecting the best ones for each individual in the moment, throughout their buyer’s journey.
Chris Newton lifts the curtain on how the AI-driven algorithm runs optimization tests and what’s the lowest limit of unique visitors you need to run them. We discussed how machine learning selects the best experience for each individual in the moment, and how these unique and personalized user journeys are created.

Their average customer tries 177 ideas, creating 78 million possible combinations, and sees 46% conversion uplift. Just think of the opportunities here!

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