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Startups Roundup: The Best Online Posts of 2015 So Far

Christian Antonoff

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What’s happening in the world of startups? At today’s speed, changes happen by the minute.

That’s why here at Hop Online we’ve decided to help you navigate the endless depths of newly published content.

If you’re running or interested in founding a startup, here are the 10 best articles since the beginning of 2015 to read. They’re the cream of the crop in our opinion, and we hope they help you and your startup get off to a good start this year.

Let’s dive right in!

Hot Startups + Tech Developments to Watch

We learn best by doing. But it never hurts to see how someone else is getting it right, either. Take a look at the most exciting startups of 2015, and check out the top tech trends you should follow to stay ahead of the curve.

19 Startups Ready to Blast Off in 2015

VentureBeat’s Tom Cheredar and Dylan Tweney give us a list of 19 up-and-coming startups which are expected to make a big splash this year.

5 Tech Trends That Will Dominate CES 2015

Pete Pachal gives us an overview of some of the tech trends expected to dominate this year’s International CES, and shows why you should take every tech prediction with a grain of salt.

Motivation + Lessons for Startup Founders

The road to a successful startup is long and arduous. As the backbone, founders need to keep motivated, even when self-doubt and exhaustion start to gather in a storm cloud.

So it’s time to step back, look at the big picture, and take all the lessons you can from fellow founders, past and present.

In the End, Your Startup Probably Doesn’t Matter

In this very interesting piece, Francisco Dao argues that when we look at the big picture, it doesn’t really matter if your ideas haven’t really lifted off — your new app or tool won’t be the peak of your life, which means you can finally relax.

5 Key Lessons in Entrepreneurship, Seattle Seahawks Style

We just loved how Greg Gottesman used the Seahawks metaphorically to illustrate the 5 most important lessons every entrepreneur should learn if they want to be successful. And these lessons are just as dramatic as the last Superbowl game.

How Past Startups Influenced Business Today

In this guest post, Katherine Halek gives us a history lesson on how a failure for some might be a success for others, and also points out the traits of a successful entrepreneur.

2015’s Best Practices for Startups

So what’s the focus of 2015 for startups so far? Many entrepreneurs are discussing the right time to hire, the right people to hire, and in the list below we’ve included a handy article on great new tools you can use to manage your team, however big it is.

5 Temptations to Hire at Your Startup — and Why You Shouldn’t

In this article Tom Leung, CEO of Poachable, explains why it’s not a good idea to start hiring people right away when you’ve just launched your startup.

Tweak Your Startup Hiring Strategy: More Builders, Fewer Movers

Frederic Kerrest, co-founder and COO of Okta, carefully explains why you need more innovators in your startup, and also how to keep them happy and productive.

30 Useful Tools for Efficient Management of Your Ecommerce Startup

Although geared towards e-commerce owners, we found that these 30 tools can be of use to many other types of startups, as well.

How to Deal with Problems Like a Boss

It’s clear that startups’ biggest problem is financing. With alt finance and venture capitalists, financing options are abundant. But how do you make the right choice? Find the answer to this and other questions below, and learn how to avoid the standard bumps you’ll likely encounter.

3 Reasons your startup is struggling to raise venture capital

Brady Bohrmann of Avalon Ventures give us a detailed look at why it’s so hard for most startups to get financed, and why you shouldn’t shoot in the dark when choosing a VC company.

10 Common Mistakes Startups Should Avoid Making This Year

Mistakes. We all make them. But for entrepreneurs they could spell the end of their dreams. Use this article as a reference guide on what not to do.

Bonus: 5 of Your Biggest Startup Problems Solved

Brian Hughes brilliantly illustrates the hardships every entrepreneur endures, and gives answers on how to overcome them. Just starting your business? You might want to read this.

Final Thoughts from Our Team

As a startup ourselves, we come across all the issues discussed above on a regular basis. No one’s immune, since in our fast-developing field the standards, rules, and best practices are always shifting.

As long as you’re confident in your business idea, we’re sure that you’ll be able to make it work. It’s all about keeping an open mind, taking surprise turns in stride, and reminding yourself of the reason why you started this whole big adventure.

Tell us, what was your favorite startup post from this list? Have another one to add?

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