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How to Use Video Animations To Market Your Business

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Video marketing is one of the most versatile digital marketing approaches and a must-have in your marketing toolbox. Video enables you to tell your brand’s story in an engaging and efficient, and it’s scalable. Here is how animated videos can help you grow your business and brand recognition.

What Are Animated Videos

Animated explainer videos are most often short branded videos that describe a product or service. Their added value is that they can get the message across quickly and creatively and maintain high engagement rates. Another strong point is their ability to describe complex ideas in a clear, yet fun and entertaining format.

Animated explainer videos are under 1 minute long on average. In that short time, they manage to get across the brand’s unique voice, the value proposition, and tell a story that connects with the user.

Animated videos are:

  • Engaging and efficient
  • Great for simplifying complex ideas
  • Customizable

Many companies are turning to animation to create animated brand videos because they can significantly impact the viewer with minimal resources.

How to Use Animated Videos

Animated videos are the go-to tool for explainer videos – content explicitly created to demonstrate how to use a product or specific features and use cases. But this type of video is way more versatile than just explainer content.

Animated video ads are becoming extremely popular too. You could use animation videos to introduce your brand, enhance your landing pages, build up training and onboarding resources, create how-tos, or animate client reviews and testimonials. They can fuel your marketing campaigns, social media channels, and email marketing.

Creative animated commercial videos often spark human emotions and help build stronger bonds between a brand and its customers. They are an ultra-powerful tool for customer engagement and loyalty.

Alex Black from The Drum Network affirms the role of animations, saying, “Animation has always been a powerful visual storytelling medium, but since Covid-19 hit, animations have become one of the hottest trends in content marketing.”

Benefits of Animated Videos

Here are five reasons why animated videos can be great for your brand, design, and marketing.

1. Visual Information Gets the Message Across

We are now in the age of visual information, and visual content plays a role in every part of life. When framed strategically, animated videos won’t feel like marketing at all. Wyzowl reports that 96% of people have watched explainer videos about products or services, and 85% of businesses use video in their marketing. Not using video means you run the risk of missing your target audience.

2. Animated Videos Build a Connection

Creative animated videos often spark human emotions and help build stronger bonds between a brand and its customers. They are a powerful tool for customer engagement and loyalty.

3. Animated Videos Can Break Down Complex Ideas Into Digestible Pieces

Animated video adds context and life to concepts and makes them more comprehensible. The format itself forces brands to summarize and simplify big concepts into smaller chunks that are easier to process. Packed with the right visuals and sound, animated videos allow you to convey complex ideas better.

4. Animation Takes Storytelling to the Next Level

Animated videos allow for more flexibility and creativity that no other storytelling technique can match. Animation can engage and entertain while conveying a strong message.

5. Cost-Efficient and Easy to Scale

When creating an animated video, you have more control over the cost and final product. With animation, you can use software to ensure you have the right design, sound, and visuals to match your brand voice. Once you’ve nailed these, you can quickly scale and create multiple videos for all your marketing needs.

So whether you are creating videos to complement your content marketing strategy or building a binge-worthy series to grow brand awareness,

With marketers embracing animations, it’s an exciting time for businesses to delve into this video format. Video specialists One Productions explore this important marketing topic in the infographic below, ‘Benefits of Using Animations To Market Your Business’.

This informational resource is designed to be a practical guide for marketers as well as non-industry experts to delve into this ever-evolving video type. Dive into the guide for tips, statistics, facts, a range of examples before you started with using animations to promote your business!

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