Increase your revenue, not your ad spend

CRO – The surest way to grow your bottom line


How we’ll make your site more profitable


We’ll find the most valuable content on your site and create split-tests to optimize their performance.


Your site analytics will tell us everything we need to understand what pushes your users to convert.


Following all the required guidelines (e.g.: GDPR), we’ll safely and securely process your user data to better understand why they convert.

So why aren’t you optimizing for performance?

You can’t afford to ignore your website. It is increasingly the first port of call for your customers – at every stage of the sales funnel – and the quality of your site tells them a lot about the quality of your business.

Whether you’re looking for sales, prospects or leads, Hop Online specializes in turning your site into a high-performing machine. With our team of specialists, we can identify all the areas where your site can improve, and create tests that optimize your site’s performance.

Become the business your competitors wish they had.

With Conversion Rate Optimization tests you can gain insights that not only helps drive up your site performance but also gives you valuable, statistically-verified information about what your customers really care about.

Armed with this information, you can go far and beyond improving just your site. It can help:

  • Your sales team understand what messages convert best
  • Your marketing team learn what initiatives best attract new users
  • Your key decision makers gain statistically-significant results to support their plans

Chances are, your competitors are already getting all this information. So why aren’t you?

We share 100% of our work with all our clients

We never hide unflattering data or guard proprietary methods. That’s why we’re considered true partners by our clients and has helped us establish long-term working relationships with them. They know we care about their business and we know our success depends on their success.

Finding a winning test is always an exciting moment

We take a scientific approach to all our CRO tests, waiting until we reach a statistically significant result before deciding whether to implement the change permanently or not. This method ensures that each A/B test is judged on its merits, rather than anything else.

It also gives us a shortcut to success as we’ll have hard data telling us what actually matters to your users, and causes them to convert, better guiding us to more effective (sometimes surprising) ideas that are just waiting to be tested.

Full revenue visibility on a campaign level

(Put SS)  We report on revenue. Yes, we follow guiding metrics such as CPC, conversion rate and impressions but we live and breadth MRR. 

Together, we build your dream dashboard. Imagine your CRM, PPC and other marketing activities all in one place. One dashboard to share with your marketing and executive team. Marketing-sourced revenue is clearly communicated. 

No one size fits all but here is how first 12 week will look like

Sowing the seeds of long-term success

The first month is all about planting the seeds for long-term success. Our CRO team will your site performance to better understand all the reasons it does – and does not – convert. Core areas for immediate and long-term improvement will be identified. We will then work with you and your team to develop your first round of CRO tests, building (or improving upon) your landing pages and presenting results to you on a regular basis.



Prioritizing High Impact

In the second month, we will review the results of all the tests we’ve ran so far, analyze the good and the bad and build a strategic testing framework. This approach ensures every test delivers insights that help you better understand why your users do – and do not – convert, so together we can find more ways to keep growing your numbers.



Ensuring Sustainable & Recurring Growth

By the third month, we should have enough statistically-significant A/B test results to start planning for the long-term. We’ll work with you to build a testing calendar based on your business’ core KPIs and growth metrics, so you know we’re on the right track for sustainable, data-driven growth.



Want to discuss your First Party Data Strategy?

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is my main point of contact?

    Your project will be led by a Client Success Manager (CSM), who is responsible for communicating with you and your team on a daily basis regarding performance, strategy, and our team’s activity. The CSM will also drive strategy and project manage time-sensitive tasks, approvals, and deliverables across our team and yours.

  • How will we communicate?

    We communicate daily via email and chat, and weekly or bi-weekly via live project check-ins that are led by the Client Success Managers and attended by all project team members.

  • I have an in-house team. Will you replace them?

    We work best when we are complimenting your in-house team. Based on their roles and expertise, we can round out their skill sets and the channel mix to help your marketing team soar to new heights.

  • Do you offer consulting services?

    Yes, in certain cases we can offer bespoke consultancy for you and your team within all areas of expertise.

  • Do you offer any guarantees?

    No. The reality is that some projects will not hit their intended goals. We will not have all the right answers at the start. We want you to choose us because of our approach to finding and implementing those right answers faster and more efficiently than your next best alternative.

  • What time zone/working hours do you have?

    Most of our (now fully remote) team are based in Bulgaria (Eastern European time zone), though we can accommodate and overlap with teams virtually anywhere in the world.

  • What marketing channels do you cover?

    We cover all organic and paid digital marketing channels that your customers interact with in their full lifecycle. Those include SEO, content marketing, Paid search (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads), and all paid social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, Quora, Reddit, and more).

  • Why are you asking for access to our CRM and other first-party data?

    3rd party cookies — which digital marketing has relied on for the last 10 years for delivering ROAS — are going away soon. Our philosophy as an agency rests on our ability to feed advanced digital advertising algorithms with the right first-party data in a post-3rd party cookie world. If you work with us in this way, you’ll be ahead of your competitors and will have a killer competitive advantage until they catch up.  If you are looking just for someone to optimize keywords in your Google Ads account, we are probably not the right fit.