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Hop Online Named Market Leader in Digital Marketing by Clutch


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At Hop Online, we know that growing your business through digital marketing takes strategic leadership, data-driven decisions, agility, and hard work. We also know that hard work pays off. This is why we are proud to be recognized as one of the top 15 digital marketing agencies by Clutch in their 2019 report.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm that connects businesses with the best-fit agency or service provider to undertake their specific needs. Hop Online’s profile on the platform has 16 verified client reviews, testifying to our ability to deliver results.

What We Stand For

We believe in data and change. We are here to accelerate businesses’ growth through PPC, Social Media, SEO, and Content Marketing, and we do it in full transparency, building trustful partnerships.

We start with a custom strategy, created for each of our clients’ specific needs and goals. The strategy is constantly challenged and tested against fresh data, and adjusted throughout the life of a project.

Our growth and success depend on our client’s growth and success – we are working towards a shared goal. No shortcuts, no excuses.

What Does This Recognition Mean to Us

“Clutch is the most objective and trustworthy place for companies to find capable digital marketing firms globally. We’re honored to be recognized by Clutch for this award. It’s a reflection of  our team’s hard work and dedication. We’d also like to thank our clients who’ve publicly supported us in Clutch. Their success and trust made this award possible.”

Paris Childress, CEO & Founder, Hop Online 

Hop Online - Moz Recommended and Premiere Google Parner Agency

We couldn’t have achieved this recognition without the active support of our clients.

Clutch’s Leaders Matrix is based on examining businesses’ market presence, work quality, and verified client experience. Clutch’s analysts interviewed directly 16 of our clients over the phone and published their reviews on the platform. This award is a testament to what we’ve achieved together.

Our case studies speak more about our results. Get in touch to see if we can make your digital marketing investment go further!

Paris Childress
Paris Childress

CEO & Founder

My job is to match talented, motivated marketers with high growth companies, arm teams for success, then to get out of the way.

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