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Social media marketing strategies have shifted from organic to paid in recent years due to the erosion of organic reach offered by Facebook and other social media platforms. Effective social media marketing today means understanding how to blend organic and paid campaigns to achieve the best overall results for a brand. This mix is unique to every company, and we can help you find and implement it.

Facebook Ads

Success with Facebook Ads comes down to doing 3 things well:

  1. Targeting the right audience at the right time
  2. Grabbing users’ attention with eye-popping ad creatives and relevant copy
  3. Generating demand from users who are casually browsing

The new darling of the digital ad space, Facebook Ads, is extremely effective in finding precise audiences of people who are receptive to your message, service, or product (both on Facebook and Instagram).

Our team builds Facebook audiences based on users’ implied/stated interests and affinities, as well as their similarity to customers you already have (also known as “lookalike audiences”).

Facebook’s AI-driven algorithms and immense user data give them an ability to powerfully predict which people on their platform are most likely to notice, click, and engage with an advertiser’s ad.

As mobile-based Facebook users scroll quickly down their new feeds, exceptionally creative ads stand out and pique interest.

Our team is capable of creating image and video ads that stop ‘the scrolling’ by identifying and targeting the right audiences for your brand.

Facebook Remarketing

Similar to Google remarketing, Facebook remarketing empowers advertisers to target people who have recently visited a brand’s website or landing page. This means people who may have visited and left without doing anything, or it might be actual customers you can up-sell.

The Facebook “pixel” can be placed on any web page or app, recording visits to web pages and matching those visitors with Facebook user accounts. This allows advertisers to continue the conversation on Facebook – even after prospects leave a website or app without completing the task you’ve set out for them.

Audience segmentation on Facebook can be personalized to suit the needs of every visitor, such as:

  • Users who exit from the homepage could be reminded of the brand and invited to return.
  • Users who abandoned a purchase might see a discount for that same product the next day on Facebook.
  • Actual customers whose email addresses are matched to Facebook accounts might see a special offer encouraging a second purchase (or a refer-a-friend incentive).

If you want to take advantage of Facebook’s powerful remarketing options, our team can make it happen. The only limitations are your imagination!

Other Social Network Advertising

While Facebook dominates the paid social media landscape, other networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, and Snapchat offer unique opportunities to find – and communicate with – hot prospects.

We have extensive experience with all social media advertising platforms and can help businesses test their ROIs against Facebook or Google Ads in a controlled and cost-effective manner.

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